Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! For today’s Clip of the Week, we bring you an episode of “From the Heart of the Barrios,” a series featured on Firehouse TV from the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center.

“From the Heart of the Barrios” highlights the vibrant social, cultural and political lives unfolding in New York City’s neighborhoods. Segments feature on-camera interviews and footage to highlight innovators and institutions making a positive impact on local communities. This installment, the first of the series, featured Aurora Anaya Cerda, owner of La Casa Azul, a bookstore in East Harlem that offers unique art and books along with cultural and educational programs and is the only independent bookstore on the East Coast that specifically caters to the Latino community. The episode also featured Jason Warwin, co-founder of Brotherhood SisterSol, an organization that provides holistic support to the city’s youth.

Watch the clip to learn all about La Casa Azul’s rotating exhibits of local artists' work and other exciting opportunities on their jam-packed calendar of 10 to 15 events per month! And hear Warwin talk about the philosophy behind Brotherhood SisterSol—how the organization creates a safe space that encourages young people to develop critical thinking skills and an awareness of politics and social justice to help them make good decisions in life.

Watch the video, and come to El Barrio Firehouse’s next exciting event, a Film Club screening of the investigative documentary “Dirty Wars,” followed by a discussion with Jeremy Scahill, the film’s producer and writer, and MNN Executive Director Dan Coughlin.

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