Following the sexual-abuse allegations against former film producer Harvey Weinstein, people across the globe took to social media in a viral movement called #MeToo started by Tarana Burke. In 2017 the movement became popularized by actress Alyssa Milano after she came forward to share her experience with sexual assault and encouraged others to do the same. According to a CNN report, the hashtag has been used in over 12 million posts in the span of 24 hours, putting the conversation of assault in the spotlight. Two years after the Me Too hashtag has spread like wildfire, there has been a spike in the reporting of assault in workplaces and the most shocking number is 70 percent of active duty members have reported sexual assault in the U.S. military. What can we do to stop it?

On this episode of Raising the Bar, hosts Jason Clark, President of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association and Attorney Adeola Adejobi are joined by Paula T. Edgar, Attorney & Partner of Inclusion Strategy Solutions, and David W. D. Mitchell Senior Associate at Hogan Lovells to discuss Harassment in the #MeToo Era.

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