In June, the NY City Council codified Mayor Bill de Blasio's executive order into law, creating a new Mayor's Office of Ethnic Community Media, and ensuring that at least 50% of city agency advertising will be allocated to community media outlets. The new law makes the 2019 commitment permanent. You can read CUNY's Community Media Center's report on this new law and its coverage in community media here.

The report advocated for the executive order and will work closely with the Mayor's new office to ensure equitable distribution of city government advertising dollars to small, niche publications serving the most vulnerable and underserved New Yorkers. Learn more about the creation of a new Mayor's Office of Ethnic Community Media, and its impact on small publishers, on this week's episode of #RepresentNYC. 

Darlie Gervais, who manages CUNY's Center for Community Media's Advertising Boost Initiative, hosts a panel of guests with community media publishers C. Zawadi Morris of BK Reader, Kamlesh C. Mehta of The South Asian Times, and Lyudmila Balabay of Forum Daily


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