Studio Production 1

As we gear up for our upcoming Studio Production courses at MNN, now is a great time to remind you of the many possibilities and benefits of working in a professional studio environment when creating your content. While shooting video in the field has its benefits, some productions require a more controlled setting. This is when these studio production possibilities come in handy:

Performance, Interview, and News Segments: Some production formats just call for a studio setup. The added space and microphone wiring capabilities available in an equipped studio are perfect for recording controlled music performances, and of course news segments.


Studio Production 3

Clean Audio: If you are looking to record pristine audio for an interview segment, news show, or scripted production, filming in a quiet and controlled environment definitely has its perks.

Lighting: When you're aiming to evenly light your production, a studio affords you the tools and centralized lighting setups needed to do so. Thus, potential lighting variables when shooting outside or using natural light are not a risk when filming in a studio.

Optimized for Green Screen: An even and well-lit studio allows you to use green screen and chroma keying. A "green screen" is usually a single-colored backdrop that is usually bright green because it is the color furthest away from human skin tones. Green screen and chroma keying work hand in hand. Chroma Keying, which occurs in post-production, is the process of removing a specific color element (chroma) from a video scene and replace (keyed) the color with a different background element. Essentially, it’s the way video producers remove one background and replace it with another. 

Green Screen

To learn more about studio production and how to produce a compelling and professional television show in a studio environment, join us for our in-person Studio Production course this fall. Plus, visit to check out our upcoming workshops and professional courses.