*Reposted from Gotham Gazette Written by Lachlan Hyat*

The New York Police Department needs a major culture shift, according to City Council Member Adrienne Adams, a Queens Democrat who chairs the Council’s public safety committee, and incoming Mayor Eric Adams can lead the way.

Speaking at length on a recent episode of the Max Politics podcast from Gotham Gazette, Adams outlined key takeaways from a series of oversight hearings she has chaired and her other thoughts on problems at the NYPD that need to be addressed under the next administration, which takes office January 1.

"There has to be a substantial change made in the culture of the NYPD,” Council Member Adams said on the podcast, “and that is a culture that has so many strong roots, decades and decades of a lot of strength, a lot of impression, in the department."

“It is my hope that incoming officers coming into the ranks will have a new perspective, and again, it's going to have to start with the top-down,” said Adrienne Adams, who endorsed Eric Adams (no relation) in the Democratic primary for mayor and is vying to become the next Speaker of the City Council herself. “That's why I say the new [police] commissioner really has her work cut out for her,” she added, referring to Eric Adams’ pledge to appoint the first woman in the city’s history to the top-cop role.

Adams, who represents Council District 28 in Southeast Queens, told host Ben Max about failures she’s seen through her oversight work at the NYPD’s Special Victims Division and elsewhere in the department. She also spoke about challenges related to school security (and her belief that school safety agents should remain part of the NYPD, not the Department of Education as has been planned), sexual assault perpetrated on guards at the Rikers Island jails, and other issues.

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