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Every year, Manhattan Neighborhood Network provides low-cost media education and FREE equipment and facilities to hundreds of Manhattan residents and organizations. Our mission is to provide an uncensored and equitable forum where Manhattan residents can learn how to make media and then have their media aired on local cable TV and other platforms. Every class that we offer, every studio that we make available and every program we cablecast supports our mission to showcase and support local voices.

In 2019, Manhattan Neighborhood Network aired more than 10,000 hours of originally produced content in more than 40 languages. We also enrolled more than 1,000 community members in our multi-lingual media education classes and recorded the highest facility and equipment usage in our 27-year history!

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Seven Sound Editing Tips for DaVinci Resolve

September 14, 2022

The quality of our audio can significantly affect a viewer's experience of the video. It's understandable how creating quality audio can be neglected when we're focused on the visual. But the quality of our visual work can get lost when the audio isn't handled effectively.

Tips for Setting up Your Rodecaster Pro for Your Podcast

August 31, 2022

So, you've been thinking about developing your own podcast and you've selected the Rodecaster Pro to be one of the tools you're using to produce it. Like any creative endeavor it's important to remember that the tools help us to hone our vision, but they can't make the podcast sound great on their...