Community Producer Form

Use this form to reserve MNN's facilities and equipment to create a program to air on one of MNN's public access channels. You must have completed an MNN Professional course to reserve MNN's equipment and facilities.

Time Slot Request Form

Use this form to apply for a single timeslot or a daily, weekly, bi-monthly (every other week), or monthly series. Submitting this form also includes agreeing to our Program Agreement Terms.

Program Agreement

Everyone who airs a program on one of MNN's five public access channels must have an updated Program Agreement on file. Please take a minute to update your Program Agreement today!

Mediamaker Meetup Producer Presenter Request Form

MNN’s Mediamaker Meetup is a networking event for MNN and Independent Community Producers. One guest producer will have the opportunity to present their production projects to attendees.

This event will also feature breakout rooms to give community members the opportunity to connect.

If you...

Forms for Youth Media Center

Parental Authorization Form + Acknowledgment Receipt
284.54 KB | Download
Consent form, about YMC, qualifications list, code of conduct, community rules, attendance & punctuality rules, dress code, contact list.
Youth Media Center Alumni Code of Conduct
326.63 KB | Download
MNN's Youth Media Center mission, code of conduct, community rules, dress code, studio + equipment reservation policies, forms, how to reserve studio and equipment, and liability.