"E.S.P. TV" is a weekly slot, alternating between three amazing shows, "Video Vaudeville" (local artists, musicians, performances), "E.S.P. TV" (lo-fi, retro weirdness with bands and video artists) and "Experimental Half Hour" (from Portland, basically the West Coast's answer to "E.S.P. TV").
Happy Monday, and welcome back to Clip of the Week ! Today we’re directing your attention to the latest episode of The Chris Gethard Show , MNN’s live weekly late-night comedy hour hosted by comedian and Upright Citizen’s Brigade alum Chris Gethard.
Lately we’ve been a broken record: Watch our free social media webinar on April 18, and your show will see more success. But what, exactly, does that success look like? We talked to Nelson Torres, producer and host of the live call-in wrestling and entertainment show WTF TV , to find out how his dedication to connecting with viewers online has paid off.
Welcome back to Clip of the Week ! Ready for something different? In this special segment from MNN producer and editor Gloria Messer , you’ll enjoy music, sketches and other forms of fun entertainment courtesy of actor Danny Darrow .
What should public access TV look like in the future? A lot like MNN. That’s the conclusion that can be drawn from a new article on MediaShift , a PBS website that explores how new media like blogs and citizen journalism are changing our society and culture.
"Khametic Ascendants," from Buffalo, NY, has aired on MNN since the early '90s, offering up a unique stew of lectures , soul music and a mysterious color scheme. The show bleeds into the evening, as many of our late-night shows do, its messages jarring, confrontational, and yet shielded by the ice of a mood piece. Topics include African culture, Ufology and economic power structures. Tune in every Saturday night/Sunday morning at 2 AM on MNN1! Next air dates: 4/14 and 4/21.