It’s Monday—and that means it’s time for another installment of Clip of the Week, MNN’s blog series that highlights the work of our diverse and talented group of producers.
With two weeks now under their belts creating original programming at MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center , producers are weighing in on what they see as the benefits, challenges and very exciting implications of working with brand-new, state-of-the-art technology and equipment. New toys
For this week’s installment of Clip of the Week, we bring you Satsang with Gangaji , a spiritual show devoted to helping viewers discover the truth of who they are. The program, which airs weekly in MNN2, is centered on the teachings of Gangaji , a Texas-born author who since the 1990s has been enlightening readers, listeners and viewers to the secrets of self-realization and inner peace.
This Sunday night, Manhattan Neighborhood Network is proud to present a special tribute to Piri Thomas, the poet, author and activist who opened the world’s eyes to the crime and violence of 1960s Spanish Harlem. Thomas’s 1967 memoir, Down These Mean Streets , tells the story of his childhood and descent into drugs, gang fights and robbery, culminating in a seven-year stint in prison for shooting a cop.
"DMT God 3.0" is a daily show hosted by Mac Truong, a Vietnamese prophet who claims to be God. Truong spends the hour expounding upon his theories of faith and culture, in an effort to unify. One way he unifies is by flashing to clips of hardcore porn in between sermons (he believes this captures viewers' attention). Whatever it does, it makes for a pretty unforgettable experience! Monday through Friday mornings at 3 AM on MNN3! Next air dates: 12/10 and 12/11.
Want to add some culture to your weekend? Tune in to Kemetic Legacy Today , an hour-long variety show that explores ancient African spirituality, broadcasting every Saturday afternoon on MNN1. Focusing on Ancient Egypt (Kemet), the program invites scholars, musicians and artists to demonstrate Kemetic principles such as balance, symbolism and spiritual development, and to teach viewers how to apply them to their daily lives.