This Sunday on MNN, watch all-new episodes of “Represent NYC,” and “Both Sides of the Bars,” which tackle two key issues: sexual harassment and immigration.
This Sunday on “Represent NYC,” Council Member Helen Rosenthal (District 6) and her guests discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, how the city’s new laws will help protect workers and what more needs to be done to bring an end to this problem.
As protestors are active in fighting back against cruel immigration policies, many New Yorkers are looking to lend their voices and efforts to the cause and working to protect our city of immigrants.
In honor of this year’s summer youth program starting soon, we’re throwing it back to last summer. Check out this week’s YC Spotlight to see highlights from summer 2017 at MNN’s Youth Channel.
Whether you’re staying in the city or heading to the beach this week, make sure to take some time to rest somewhere cool. While you’re at it, turn on MNN and let the good times roll. Check out this week's schedule!
Millennials are drawn to bold, radical ideas, but there are immense hurdles that prevent hope becoming action and change.