In this week’s YC Spotlight, we’re honoring Mental Health Awareness Month with our youth producers' recent discussion about ways to cope with mental health challenges and how mental illnesses impact different races and genders.
After a weekend of superheroes and satire, shift gears this week and tune in to MNN for programming that features inspiring locals who are making an impact. Check out the schedule!
The weather is finally getting warmer and there only two months left of school so it seems like things are looking up! Need something else to look forward to? Tune in to MNN’s Youth Channel next week for programming every week night made by the youth, for the youth.
This Sunday on MNN, tune in to all-new episodes of “Represent NYC,” which discusses congestion pricing in the city, and “The Radical Imagination,” about the healing power of music.
This Sunday at 7pm on "Represent NYC," NYS Senator Brian Benjamin and his guests discuss the pros and cons of congestion pricing and the impact it would have on our streets and our wallets.
Last year the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality and that decision is set to go into effect any day now. Learn what this means for you and how your internet browsing experience will change in this week's YC Spotlight!