All you talented creators of fine MNN programming, listen up! The submission deadline for this year’s Hometown Media Awards is Monday, March 11, 2013. MNN producers will have all membership fees waived.
From tenants' rights to astrology to how to make Pop-Tart Sandwiches , if it matters to Manhattanites, then you’ll find it among MNN’s programming.
Soaring solos, peaceful harmonies, and melodies that transport you. There are many reasons why New Yorkers for the past 10 years have dutifully spent sixty minutes a week with Gregory Hopkins , internationally renowned singer and musician and subject of MNN’s "The Gregory Hopkins Hour" .
Welcome back to Clip of the Week! Today we’re highlighting a fresh upload from "Video City," a weekly music show dedicated to showcasing unsigned local rap and hip-hop artists. Each episode features a top five countdown introducing you to the next big thing in the world of singles and mixtapes. Paging Sony Music!
"Unarius" is a strange New Age alien show from the 1970s, created by Ruth and Ernest Norman. Its purpose is to spread the mission of advanced beings from the fourth dimension. How can you possibly miss this? Every Tuesday at 1 PM on MNN3. Next air dates: 2/5 and 2/12.
Today we’re thrilled to introduce our new monthly blog series, “MNN Diaries,” a collection of written-form Q&As with an assortment of talented producers and hosts. The deal: We give each subject the same five questions; they answer them—in writing—however they please. We’re aiming for personal, thoughtful and introspective, so expect tales of triumph, stories of woe, jokes, gripes and more. Altogether, you’ll get the story of MNN: the lives that shape our programming, the lives affected by it.