Clip of the Week time! Today, enjoy a dose of civics with "CB8 Speaks," a program dedicated to the activities and concerns of Manhattan's Community Board 8. In this video , host and CB8 member Dave Rosenstein talks to Ben Kallos, the newly-elected City Councilmember for District 5, which, like CB8, encompasses much of the Upper East Side along with Roosevelt Island.
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Perfect timing: The featured submission for today's installment of "This Week on MNN" may help you prioritize health and fitness, and you still have plenty of time before the warm weather hits. Check it out! “Serious Fitness” Friday, March 7, 3:00 pm MNN2 Fresh food, fresh air: The benefits to healthy eating and breathing fresh air are very important in our lives. In this episode, host Alberto S. Siri elaborates on this subject for the Spanish-speaking audience.
It's Clip of the Week time, and we've got a video to share that's both fun to watch AND useful to all of you hardworking Community Producers out there. It's a catchy, great-looking, pro-grade promo video - an example of the kind of video that you could have made for you for FREE if you sign up for MNN's first-ever Promo Day !
Happy Monday! It’s time for the second installment of “This Week on MNN,” our new weekly blog series highlighting seven days’ worth of interesting, innovative public-access programming chosen by those who know it best – MNN’s talented Community Producers.
Happy Friday, everyone! We hope you're enjoying this break in the cold (cold, cold) weather. Since the dreaded, depressing "polar vortex" is due to return next week, we thought we'd use today's Clip of the Week to offer you a laugh or two. "Sistah Talk" delivered!