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YC Spotlight: "#DirectAction"

Youth Channel Programming By Linda Romano

Another important piece of digital media by The Youth Channel Community Journalists Interns at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center! The talented producers covered this summer's Climate Justice Youth Summit, a conference that brought together top activists in environmental justice.

In this clip, edited by Youth Channel Lead Producer Christian Jones, organizers hold a Direct Action Workshop to prepare for the Youth for the Climate Justice March. Watch the video to hear from summit attendees and from organizations like, a global network of climate activists, as they talk about the meaning of #DirectAction, and how the movement might lead to a better world.

Check it out!


YC Spotlight: "Young Lords Way"

Youth Channel Programming By Linda Romano

Welcome back to "YC Spotlight," our new weekly series highlighting the exciting, enlightening media that gets created at the Youth Channel in the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center.

Today, we turn our attention to "Young Lords Way," a short feature covering a street naming ceremony that gave recognition to the Young Lord's Party, a movement in 1960s New York based on a mission much like that of El Barrio Firehouse: to engage in activities that help meet the demands and needs of the community. In December of 1969, a militant and self-determined group called the Young Lord’s Party unapologetically decided to take over one of the first Spanish Methodist church on 111th street and Lexington to provide a free breakfast program and healthcare clinic for its community.

From the YC:

From campaigning to remove trash from East Harlem’s Streets, taking over Tuberculosis trucks for much-needed check-ups, to confronting head-on abusive land lords and police officers, the Young Lord’s Party helped established a groundbreaking foundation for communities of color to come....

Clip of the Week: "Know Your Rights"

Youth Channel Programming By Linda Romano

Did you know that in New York City, police can approach you at any time but you're not required to answer their questions? Did you know that you have the right to observe and record police activity, as long as you stay at a reasonable distance from the police?

The Youth Channel producers at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center created "Know Your Rights" to shed light on what is and isn't allowed during a police stop. This provocative video, which is our latest Clip of the Week, follows a young man Malik Jackson, as he encounters two police officers who stop him while he is trying to enter his own apartment building.

The recent death of Staten Island resident Eric Gardner during an attempted arrest has put the NYPD in the...