Manhattan's Public Access Television Station

May 2006

May Show '06: Coca Cola: Cool Hunters Exposed

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Check out these two clips. the one on the left is an excerpt from a truly indpendent video out of suburban Ontario. The one on the left is a Coca-Cola ad produced by a Toronto ad agency. Be sure to look at the frame-by-frame comparisons linked below.

Benny(the director) has done a frame comparison here and here. For more info on The Winking Circle check out their new website. Heres a link to an online debate about who should sue who. whats YOUR opinion?

May Show '06: May Day: Immigrants' Rights, Youth Voices

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Watch The Video (approx. 40 MB)
On May 1, 2006 MNN Youth Channel was out talking to young people in the streets in both Washington Heights and Union Square in New York City. Here's some of what we heard.