Clip of the Week: “The Radical Imagination: Refugees Welcome”


Yesterday, the 9th Circuit Court unanimously upheld the stay on the travel ban from seven predominantly Muslim nations, dealing a significant blow to the Trump administration and its controversial Executive Order.  While the United States struggles to find a policy that balances the safety of its residents with a broader global humanitarian crisis, our Clip of the Week takes a look at the ongoing refugee crises in Lesvos, Greece.


With over 590,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan landing on the Lesvos shore since 2015, the island has become a center of the refugee crisis. Watch as co-hosts Michael Pelias, philosophy professor at LIU Brooklyn, and Peter Bratsis, social sciences professor at Borough of Manhattan Community College, sit down with accomplished photojournalists Harriet Dedman and Fahrinisa Oswald, who documented the refugee crisis in Lesvos with an eye toward developing the untold human stories there. 


Watch now.