Clip of the Week: Leaving the Nuclear Age

Provocations between the White House and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have progressed over the last few months, leading to this week's declaration from the 45th president that America will attack the Asian dictatorship "with fire and fury the world has never seen" with its cache of nuclear weapons. While many are brushing off the American leader's comments as reckless bluffing, people around the world are legitimately frightened of enduring a possible nuclear attack, especially countries who have already survived such bombings.

MNN's Clip of the Week features Heather Wokusch and producer Gloria Messer's Leaving the Nuclear Age, featuring science and technology historian Dr. Alex Wellerstein, who spoke about the cloud of secrecy that has surrounded the American government and their uses of nuclear weapons. Watch the episode and hear how nuclear war ties into democracy, how whistleblowers who have exposed alarming nuclear secrets have been punished by our government, and how humans, as the creators of nuclear weapons, have the ability to control and put an end to their use. See the whole show now.