Clip of the Week: Ending Cycles of Violence and the Psyche of a Mass Shooter

In light of a nightmarish mass shooting that haunted Las Vegas this week, and just over a year after the first anniversary of NYC's Chelsea bombing, the words that hang in the air are gun control and terrorism. Hundreds of mass shootings later, the American government still refuses to address and create policy to fight terroristic gun violence, dredging up arguments over the Second Amendment and whether our right to bear arms includes semi-automatic weapons that no civilian has any reasonable purpose to be in possession of. Beyond a discussion of gun control, more conversations emerge about the psyche of these domestic terrorists, and how the common personality traits among them, commonly white males, are often dismissed and considered anomalies time and time again. Why are the warning signs continuously ignored until it's too late?


The Clip of the Week featuring The Radical Imagination welcomes host Jim Vrettos and his guest, professor of psychiatry Jim Gilligan, to talk about the state of mind of those who commit these acts of violence and how terrorists become radicalized. What more can be done to treat these people psychologically before they execute acts of violence against others, and how can we use this to create a healthier world? Watch the episode now.