Producer Resources

Welcome to Producer Resources! Here you’ll find information and resources to help you get answers to production questions, support for your work and ideas for distributing and promoting your show. Have suggestions? Send us an email and we’ll work on adding answers and resources to these pages. 

To get started with MNN and get your show on the air, just fill out a program agreement for your series or single.


For more information about uploading your program to Manhattan Neighborhood Network, please click here


All MNN certified producers or students currently enrolled in a certification class are invited and encouraged to attend our studio and general labs at 59th St. Labs are a perfect way to get individualized assistance from our professional staff and to brush up on your studio production and post-production skills! Click here to attend an upcoming session.

MNN Events

For a full list of upcoming MNN events including Mix & Mingles, Crew Connect information sessions, cultural events and more, click here to visit our events page.

Access the handbooks for MNN classes ahead of your class so you have them to consult during the sessions.
Every quarter, Manhattan residents can apply for a regularly scheduled series. You will need to provide us with a unique pilot episode and proof of residency in order to be considered. Every episode must contain 60 seconds of uninterrupted pre-roll and end-roll and be either 28-minutes or 58-minutes long.
Select Grants and Awards that MNN producers may be eligible for.
Handing out a flyer with information about your show and online profiles can do wonders to increase your show’s exposure and broadcast your voice.
Build your audience and engage with viewers on a new level. You completed MNN’s production training and conceptualized your show, and you’ve been working hard to perfect each and every episode before you broadcast it to the world. Now it’s time to tell people about it!
MNN is excited to announce the launch of digital file submission to all series producers. Producers will no longer need to make their way to MNN's 59th Street location to submit their programming.