Manhattan's Public Access Television Station


MNN's Community Media Department empowers Manhattan-based non-profits to improve their media presence. From airing pre-produced programs to TV production training, MNN can help you get your message on air in no time, at no cost.

For questions or to submit your show, contact the Community Media Department

Phone: (212) 757-2670 x319


Overview of Services

We provide free training to Manhattan-based non-profit organizations looking to reach a broader audience through television. This includes MNN facilitated productions, airing pre-produced programs, and production training for your staff. Please note that in 2013, MNN services may be limited due to renovations.

  • Free Training

    We provide free training to staff and members on New York-based non-profit programs. Our staff will assist you in learning all aspects of TV production to help get your message to your target community.

  • Facilitated Productions

    In certain circumstances, you can utilize our staff as a video crew for your production. You provide the message; we provide the TV production know-how.

  • Airing Pre-produced Programs

    Your organization can send us a completed video program or a short Public Service Announcement and we will air it for you on one of our MNN TV channels.

Training & Resources

  • We welcome Manhattan-based non-profits to utilize our studios to tape programs for MNN. Additionally, we offer camcorders for filming on location and a variety of video editing classes so that you and your staff develop the skills you need to get your message to our viewers.