This Week on MNN: Love is a many-splendored thing

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and we’ve got love in our hearts and on the brain as we get ready to celebrate! Watch “The Facts” and “Exploring Women Everywhere” as both explore the complicated relationships between men and women, and tune in to “Vegas411” as they share the love for ‘90s pop star Britney Spears. Plus, tune in every weeknight from 6-7pm on MNN4 for Youth Channel programming that’s always passionate and inspired.


“The Facts:  The Fix is in, Part 2”

Tuesday, February 14, 11:30 pm



Each episode of “The Facts” is either a music-story (using composed and improvised music and story), or a rehearsal for a music-story, or a discussion between scholars and experts. Watch this week’s music-story, as Nana sells a television script and Pepper has problems at work, as part of the February and March series on Women and Men: Personal, Office, and State Politics. With Lenore Von Stein, narrator and singer; Andrew Bolotowsky, flute; Beth Griffith, singer; and Bern Nix, guitar.


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“Empowering Women Everywhere”

Saturday, February 18, 1:00 pm



Do you want to fall asleep in love and wake up joyfully next to the person you adore? Tune in to “Empowering Women Everywhere,” a show that can help you find more joy in your most intimate personal relationship.


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“Vega 411”

Saturday, February 18, 3 pm



Ooops, he did it again! Jesse Vega hosts his first all-talk panel with fans of pop artist and icon Britney Spears to discuss the LifeTime TV movie "Britney: Ever After.”


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Youth Channel Programming

The world is a scary place right now, but that’s not stopping our youth from following their dreams, staying informed and making their voices heard. This week on the Youth Channel, enjoy programming that features young people who are determined to share their message. Watch “NightCap” for tips on finding the right college, find inspiration in #ArtTalks with creative professionals who discuss the value of hard work, and think critically with two award-winning short films about race and grief.  


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