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Being an informed and active citizen is necessary, but it’s also important to take care of yourself. After you’ve read the news and made your voice heard by Congress, turn to MNN this week for programming that features beautiful places, talented people and inspiring stories.

Watch new episodes of “The Facts,” “Art Tour International,” “Gotta Run With Will,” “Ginger New York,” “The Carmen Mathis Show,” “Model Behavior,” “Something to Offer,” “The LDM Show,” “The Peace of Persistence,” and “Tras Las Huellas de Jesus.”


“The Facts: Milagros’ Failures pt. 2”
Tuesday, October 10, 11:30 pm

Each episode of “The Facts” is either a music-story (using composed and improvised music and story), or a rehearsal for a music-story, or a discussion between scholars and experts. This week, hear a music story by Lenore Von Stein about an artist combing through her disappointments for insights. The episode features Lenore Von Stein as narrator and singer, Andrew Bolotowsky on flute, Lauren Lee as singer and Bern Nix on guitar.

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“ArtTour International”

Thursday, September 21, 5:30 pm



In the next episode of “ArtTour International,” take a virtual tour of Damanhur and the Temples Of Humankin, which are nestled in the alpine foothills north of Piedmont, Italy. Plus, see an exclusive photo documentary by Helene DeSerres that will take you all the way to the Samburu Tribe in Africa.


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“Gotta Run With Will”

Thursday, October 12, 9:30 pm



Diana Harmon Asher doesn't give up! She improves and enjoys the process. Watch as Will talks with Diana about the life-long influences distilled in her coming of age debut novel around a cross-country team.


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Ginger New York

Friday, October 13, 2:00 pm



This week on “Ginger New York,” Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Sarah Partridge stops by the show to discuss her career with guest hosts Ron Aprea & Angela DeNiro.


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The Carmen Mathis Show

Friday, October 13, 8:00 pm



This week, Carmen Mathis chats with singer-songwriter Rmen Papikyan and guitarist Wilson Montuori. Don’t miss their performance at the end!


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Model Behavior

Saturday, October 14, 11:30 am



Actor, model, attorney & mixed martial artist Jabari Gray joins Sharon Quinn for a very special chat this week. Jabari talks about starting an acting career, how he initially began as an attorney and how a violent encounter motivated him to change his life.


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Something to Offer

Saturday, October 14, 7:30 pm



Host Anne Marie Offer chats with documentary filmmaker and producer, Laurel Chiten, this week on the show. Chiten’s film “Just One Drop,” tells the little-known story about the practice of homeopathy.


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The LDM Show

Sunday, October 15, 1:00 am



Co-hosts Charles Laloma & Ema Garcia will discuss the situation in Puerto Rico, relationships and more.


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The Peace of Persistence

Sunday, October 15, 1:30 pm



In this episode, host Abigail Wright talks with Tommy Wazelle, Tenor, Dad, and the voice of Pig on the Emmy-award winning PBS Kids show Peg+Cat, about happiness and success.


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Tras Las Huellas de Jesus

Sunday, October 15, 3:30 pm



Tras Las Huellas De Jesus is a socio-religious program, which tries to enter into the daily life of the Catholic Church and the social development of the community.