This Spring on MNN: Sharing Stories and Confronting Community Issues

Spring has sprung at MNN, but we’re all waiting for the weather to get the memo. In the meantime, check out the new programs beginning on MNN this quarter. This season, watch programs that explore some heavy-hitting issues like immigration and healthcare as well as lighter programs meant to entertain and inspire.


Cut To The Chase - Second and fourth Monday of the month at 5:30 pm

Politics/Civic interviews show.


Rescue Rachel - Every Monday at 8:30 pm

A show about homeless youth and human trafficking.


Visionary Leader Series - Every Wednesday at 12:30 am

Interviews and insights to help leaders in the workplace and community to adverse adversity, empowerment and inclusion.


Color on Rhina - First and third Thursday of the month at 9 pm

Variety show featuring comedy, performances, interviews and more.


Introducing America - Every Saturday at 10:30 am

An original docu-series that chronicles how immigrants find success, challenge, and prosperity in America.


Making the Grade with Dr. Vaigneur - First and third Saturday of the month at 5:30 pm

A talk-show featuring successful students who are disabled, very active, energetic and positive. We also feature advocates, activists and anyone who is making a difference in society.


Everyday Conversations with Velma and Arlyce - Every Saturday at 6 pm

Deals with poverty, homelessness, people in the workplace and current events.



Onelifegame.blogspot - Every Monday at 12:30 am

Celebrity interviews, concerts, entertainment and self awareness. 


Raymond S. James Production - Every Monday at 3 pm

Mixed arts, sports and travel. In-depth coverage of athletes and artists in their environment. 


Montage - Every Monday at 4pm

Lifestyle show for men and women who enjoy fashion, food, fitness, and more.


Vetruvio - Every Thursday at 8:30 pm

Fitness, Health, Lifestyle and Travel


TSC News - Every Thursday at 9:30 am

Covering the latest news in sports and gaming with exclusive interviews and features.


CannaTalk - Second and fourth Saturday of the month at 11 am

Raising awareness of the medicine cannabis industry.


Arcade Cinema - Third Saturday of the month at 5 pm

We discuss and review films turned into video games and vice versa.


House Talk - Every Saturday at 10 pm

Community show. Looking for new talents in acting and singing.


Different Views One Voice - Every Sunday at 2:30 pm

One hour talk show where Charlie Rose meets Gil Noble where host Ameliaismore covers it all.



SpiritCentral.TV - Every Tuesday at 6 pm

Interview series featuring Dr. Roger B. Lane and The Teachings of the Path of Soul Transcendence.


Life and Whatever Else - Last Thursday of the month at 12 am

A mix of clips from a studio podcast and discussions about the latest news in entertainment, sports, politics and pop culture.


Daily Walk with Jesus - Every Saturday at 8 am

A Christian program. Interviews with people who share their testimony about Christ.


The Glory of God Revealed - First and third Sunday of the month  at 5 pm

Bible studies revealing the nature of God and the mystery of Christ within you, the hope of manifested Glory.


La Casa de Dios de Cristo Jesus - First and third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm

A program that is Christian, for the production of the bible with different topics.



Glitteratie Project - Last Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm

A talk show that showcases major movers, shakers, and influencers in the African American/Latino community.


Max & Natalie LIVE! -  Every Wednesday at 10:30 pm

A weekly late night talk show hosted by Max Reinhardsen and Natalie Rich. They cover all sorts of things and interview all sorts of people. Also it isn’t actually live.


ECPW Adrenaline - Every Friday at 11 pm

A family-friendly sports entertainment show focused on wrestling.



The Interact Show with Nasir - Every Monday at 8pm

People you want to meet, conversations you want to have, and live performances you don't want to miss! All on The Interact Show with Nasir, a talk show that'll take audience interaction to a whole new level.


Ms. Biddie’s Variety Show - Every Monday at 8:30 pm

Ms. Biddie hosts shows that introduces local performers of all types of entertainment.


The Warm Up - First and third Monday of the month at 9 pm

A magazine (video) formatted show with various diverse subjects from community activism to entertainment.


A Quickie with Qualan - First and third Monday of the month at 9:30 pm

A show that highlights the most amazing talent, restaurants and music.


Consider It Blacklit - Every Saturday at 9 am

Television series that reviews movies, stage plays and TV programs that feature African Americans up front and behind the scenes.