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NLE Lab Upgrades

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

As you may have noticed MNN is moving into the 20th century with its new website and it is slowly making its way into the 21st century (Blogs are ssooo 20th century). This is the first inaugural blog on the MNN website and I'd love to make promises like "I'll blog everyday" or "stay tuned for lots of changes" you've heard them all before. The staff at MNN is incredibly busy putting in new technology and creating a new foundation for the future growth of MNN. Oh yes.. MNN is growing!

Part of the growth include new computers. 13 of them in fact. These beauties came in almost two months ago and they are almost ready for primetime use. Check them out.

Andy Machead

This is Andy being a "machead". These new iMacs are soo nice and fast

  • Dual Core 2.33ghz Processors
  • 24 inches of pure flat screen love
  • 3 gigs of Ram
  • 256MB SDRAM video cards
  • gigabit networking

While Andy prefers being a Machead I just love to caress.. um I mean fondle. Wait, no I mean that I simply "like" (in the loving kind of way) mac servers... ooohh check out the beautiful server below. It is my new true love.

mmm.. servers




Larry love's computers















These computers will be replacing the 3rd NLE lab and a few of the 2nd floor computers. We know that the installation has been rather slow and we apologize for that. We are working on a rather elaborate setup that will expand our service to you (our producers) while significantly reducing the cost to MNN. A reduction of cost means that we can afford more computer and provide better service. The current solution on the 3rd floor is too expensive for us to maintain.

We hope to get the NLE lab replaced by the end of this month!