Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Election Night Coverage Like No Other

New Yorkers too busy grappling with the mess that is Hurricane Sandy can spend election night—November 6—with home grown talent on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN).
MNN will offer unique election coverage and real dialogue in two very different packages: journalist Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! and improv comic Chris Gethard’s The Chris Gethard Show.

Known for her serious indie-reporter chops, Amy Goodman, alongside co-host Juan González, will be talking to people all over the world about climate change and the importance of providing a forum for all voices—not just those of major political parties. For the last nine weeks, the DN! hosts have been on a 100-city tour of the country, spending time on the ground in swing states and talking to Americans about serious issues like climate change, voter ID laws, campaign financing and the shutting-out of third-party candidates—problems that other news outlets condense into sound bytes or simply ignore. Check out the photo blog The Democracy Now! team has been updating to document their journey!

In the past, Chris Gethard has been known to invite the likes of Seth Myers and Tina Fey to participate in his show, a “TV party,” as New York magazine recently called it, that’s become a cult favorite among teens around the country. The Upright-Citizens-Brigade-seasoned comedian knows a thing or two about campaign trails: he’s currently lobbying for a role (any role) in an upcoming Alf movie, and he once successfully convinced Diddy—via Twitter—to appear on his program. Like Goodman, Gethard believes fringe candidates are crucial: TCGS’s Connor Ratcliff is running for president, too. You won’t believe his platform!

Stay tuned to for exclusive Q&As with Goodman and Gethard, and catch the special election editions of Democracy Now! starting at 7pm, November 6, on MNN1 and The Chris Gethard Show starting at noon, November 6, on MNN4. Both shows will be live streamed at