Exclusive: Barbara Chase-Riboud Discusses Her New Exhibit "Malcolm X: Complete" & "Sally Hemmings" on Inside New York!

This Saturday, INSIDE NEW YORK presents our Exclusive interview with Barbara Chase-Riboud, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning artist, author and poet about her new exhibit, that has been 50 years in the making ~ "Malcolm X: Complete" and her bestselling novel, "Sally Hemmings" about Thomas Jefferson's enslaved mistress, and the latest developments.

Barbara Chase-Riboud—Malcolm X: Complete is an exhibition celebrating her now complete series of monumental bronze and fiber sculptures that the artist has created over the last half-century in honor of the slain human rights leader. 
For over five decades, Barbara Chase-Riboud has created abstract art with a deep and nuanced understanding of history, identity, and a sense of place. In 1969, Chase-Riboud created Monument to Malcolm for the 7 américains de Paris show held at the Galerie Air France in Manhattan. This work, as art historian Pellom McDaniels writes: “marked the arrival of her signature style. It appeared to represent a fallen robe or garment on a surface [reminiscent of] marble...
Barbara Chase-Riboud—Malcolm X: Complete is the first time that fourteen of the twenty steles are shown together. Her amazing exhibition at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery is not only a contribution to the preservation of the memory of Malcolm X but also an acknowledgement of the push for global justice that he continues to inspire. 

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