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YC Spotlight: #PeoplesClimateMarch

Community Media, MNN Youth Channel, News and Views By Lee Walker Helland

Up next on YC Spotlight: #PeoplesClimateMarch-- the strong>MNN Youth Channel's (YC) awesome coverage of the largest climate-change march in history. The event took place last month in New York.

Watch the video to see the impassioned speeches made by some of the 311,000 participants, many of whom have been directly affected by the negative impact of climate change.

Check out more details from the event on YC's Tumblr. The post, by The Youth Channel Community Journalist Pauline Dale, explains: "The 5 boroughs of NYC, particularly youth in working neighborhoods of color are experiencing the harmful effects of both environmental racism and injustice. Environmental racism is when there is an intentional relationship between environmental degradation and low income and or communities of color takes place."


YC Spotlight: #KnowYourRights #WatchtheCops

MNN Youth Channel, Programming Highlights By Lee Walker Helland

Earlier this year, the Justice Committee, Coordinated Action Against Violence (CAAV), Streetwise and Safe and other NYC-area activists teamed up for a mural project in the South Bronx. The issue they aim to call attention to: "Know Your Rights"-- what you need to know during police encounters.

For today's YC Spotlight, we present coverage of the event from MNN's Youth Channel. Watch organizers, activists, and artists offer powerful speeches and performances at the mural's unveiling. The mural is meant to serve as a pillar of justice within the South Bronx community, and to remind community members of their rights during police interactions.


YC Spotlight: “Financial Issues with Youth Incarceration"

MNN El Barrio Firehouse, MNN Youth Channel, Programming Highlights By Lee Walker Helland

Today's YC Spotlight turns our attention to an issue the hardworking producers at MNN's Youth Channel have diligently covered: youth incarceration.

In this video, Angelo Pinto, manager of the Correctional Association of New York's Raise the Age campaign, explores the financial aspects of incarcerating young people. In New York State, a year at a youth detention center costs about $270,000 per year; state prisons run up to $70,000 per year. Compare those figures to the cost of four years at a community college -- approximately $23,000 per year -- and you raise a lot of questions about how we as a society choose to spend money and the tendency to favor "control" over enrichment.

Pinto is a knowledgeable and eloquent advocate. ...