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Up Next at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Film Club: "Mi Puerto Rico" on Friday, November 7th

Events, MNN El Barrio Firehouse By Lee Walker Helland

On Friday, November 7th, the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center Film Club presents Mi Puerto Rico, a moving documentary that explores the island's varied, rich cultural traditions and the role of United States colonialism on the Puerto Rican diaspora experience.

Produced by Raquel Ortiz and Sharon Simon, Mi Puerto Rico follows Ortiz as she moves back and forth between her childhood in the Bronx and Puerto Rico, where she interviews poets, abolitionists, revolutionaries, and politicians in an examination of the people and events that have shaped the island.

By illuminating the past and examining the present, the film reveals a struggle for Puerto Rico's national identity, which has in part been shaped by the island's ambiguous relationship with the United States.

Come see this beautiful film that includes music, literature, art, photos and archival film footage to offer an authentic picture of Puerto Rico's rich heritage....

Check Out These Awesome Fall Events at MNN!

Classes, Community Media, Events, MNN El Barrio Firehouse, News and Views By Lee Walker Helland

The free gatherings we hold in our 59th Street and El Barrio Firehouse studios offer a chance for community producers to network, pick up technical tips and-- of course-- have fun. We've got an absolutely stellar lineup this fall. Check out the list (and RSVP links) below!

Thursday, October 9: Design Yourself: Personal Branding

From 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Thursday, October 9 at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center, learn from Firehouse producer Nadia Y. Munoz how successful brands have launched and grown, and how to develop a personal brand across digital platforms. No RSVP required!

Friday, October 24: Promo Day

Back by popular demand! On Friday, October 24 from 1 pm to 10 pm at MNN's 59th Street studios, MNN will provide the studio, background, music and editing, while you provide the talent! Have a snappy 30-second video promo made just for you. They're great for sending out via social media, newsletters and more! Space is limited; RSVP by ...

YC Spotlight: “Financial Issues with Youth Incarceration"

MNN El Barrio Firehouse, MNN Youth Channel, Programming Highlights By Lee Walker Helland

Today's YC Spotlight turns our attention to an issue the hardworking producers at MNN's Youth Channel have diligently covered: youth incarceration.

In this video, Angelo Pinto, manager of the Correctional Association of New York's Raise the Age campaign, explores the financial aspects of incarcerating young people. In New York State, a year at a youth detention center costs about $270,000 per year; state prisons run up to $70,000 per year. Compare those figures to the cost of four years at a community college -- approximately $23,000 per year -- and you raise a lot of questions about how we as a society choose to spend money and the tendency to favor "control" over enrichment.

Pinto is a knowledgeable and eloquent advocate. ...