Manhattan's Public Access Television Station

March 2012

Chuck's Pick - "Never II Late"

By Chuck Stern

"Never II Late," produced and hosted by Carol Lewis, targets viewers 50 and up, encouraging them to achieve their life's goals. Lewis' diverse guests include artists, entrepreneurs and astrologers, people who have done just that. Tune in every Sunday at 1:30 PM on MNN1 and see why this is the hardest working city in the world, young or old.

Chuck's Picks - "Ghoul A Go-Go"

By Chuck Stern

"Ghoul A Go-Go" has been a shimmering gem in the MNN line-up for quite some time now. Billed as a "monster kiddie musical show," this monthly series sees ogres and toddlers dancing it up in black-and-white to campy 1950s fright rock. An instant upper, as silly as it is captivating, "Ghoul" airs on the second Wednesday of every month at 9:30 PM on MNN2! Next air date: 4/11.

Chuck's Picks - "Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer"

By Chuck Stern

How many talk show hosts can say they've interviewed Muammar Gaddafi, R. Buckminster Fuller and Gary Lucas? Only one: MNN's beloved (and longest-running producer) Harold Channer, host of "Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer," a daily interview show spanning topics such as art, economics and human progress. This show has been on for 40 years, where have you been? Weekdays at 11 AM on MNN1!