Manhattan's Public Access Television Station

November 2011

MNN is Open on Friday, Nov. 25 and Saturday Nov. 26

By Jeannette Santiago

MNN will be closed Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011 and will be open Friday, November 25, 2011 from 12pm - 12am and Saturday, November 26 from 10am - 8pm. 

Some of you may have the day off on Friday, so why not spend it editing or taping a show at MNN. 

Call today to reserve your studio and editing suites!

Chuck's Picks - "Project Art Show Series"

By Chuck Stern

Since the '90s, "Project Art Show Series" has covered NY's art scene with "wit and whimsy," and even though most episodes are still from the '90s, they retain a glow from that summery time, when independent artists could actually make a living here. Much of the work presented is as 'fringe' as the show itself - awkward, silly pieces that mix well with the odd editing and comic segments. Tune in for nostalgia and admire the art on both sides: first and third Mondays of every month at 10 PM on MNN2!

Youth Channel Pick of the Week

For Youth Voices 2011, the Youth Channel interviewed Christina Gonzalez, OWS activist. Host Jose Serrano talks with Christina about the now evicted Liberty Plaza and her experience with other people in protest against Wall Street greed. Also interviews from Liberty Plaza by Youth Channel Producers and footage of what it was like there. Tune in on Saturday, November 19th at 10:30am and Monday, November 21st at 4pm on MNN4 TWC 67, RCN 85, Verizon FiOS 36 and at

Chuck's Picks - "Harper's Bazzaro World"

By Chuck Stern

"Harper's Bazzaro World" is a weekly karaoke dance party hosted by drag queen extraordinaire, Ms. Demure. Airing since 2001, the show does an excellent job of mixing her covers (mostly early '90s dance hits), her comedy (oddball skits, bluescreen magic) and her politics (social issues pertaining to the LGBT community). A truly Bazzaro world: every Thursday night/Friday morning at 1:30 AM on MNN1!

Youth Channel Pick of the Week

Scenarios USA asked high school students what is the real deal about masculinity.  Students wrote scripts as part of the Scenarios curriculum interpreting the way they see masculinity in their communities and their lives.  One of the winners of this years competition was Angelica Hernandez.  She wrote the story, "A Man Made Early" about a high school student who takes care of his sisters and all household duties while his mother works double shifts to support the family.  In this film, the main character is torn between his responsibilities at home in the Valley (south Texas) and leaving his family to go to college in California.  Tune in to Youth Channel this Friday, November 4th at 3:30pm to MNN4 Channels TWC 67, RCN 85 and FiOS 36 or the MNN live stream at to watch this short film directed by Cruz Angeles including a fun behind-the-scenes video of the...