Manhattan's Public Access Television Station

September 2011

Chuck's Picks - "Harvey's Earth and Beyond"

By Chuck Stern

"Harvey's Earth and Beyond" is a weekly sci-fi talk show hosted by the lovable Harvey Wiesenberg, an eccentric older man humored not only by the abstract, but also by himself and his callers. Topics include aliens, conspiracies and science/technology. Tune in to catch the latest space gossip: every Friday at 9 PM on MNN2!

Chuck's Picks - "DMT God 3.0"

By Chuck Stern

"DMT God 3.0" is a daily show hosted by Mac Truong, a Vietnamese prophet who claims to be God. Truong spends the hour expounding upon his theories of faith and society, in an effort to unify. One way he unifies is by flashing to clips of hardcore porn in between sermons (he believes this captures viewers' attention). Whatever it does, it makes for a pretty unforgettable experience! Monday through Friday mornings at 3 AM on MNN3!

MNN's New Firehouse Center Honored

By Dan Coughlin


MNN's El Barrio-East Harlem Firehouse Media Center project receives the Greater New York Construction Council's prize for the City's top community project of 2010-2011.

From left to right: Jack Osborn, GNYCUC; architect Micky Kostwood; MNN producer Carmen Shue; MNN Executive Director Dan Coughlin; MNN External Affairs Director Zenaida Mendez; Pat Caputi, McGowan Builders.

The Firehouse is slated to open next year as a state-of-the-art satellite facility. It will house three studios, editing and training facilities and a Youth Media Center. For more information, click here to watch this awesome YouTube video from eHarlemTV.

Live Troy Davis Coverage on MNN

By Jeannette Santiago

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman will host a live broadcast tonight, September 21 at 6pm from outside the prison in Jackson, GA where Troy Anthony Davis is scheduled to be executed at 7pm. MNN will air this special programming from 6pm - 7pm on MNN2 (TWC 56, RCN 83, FiOS 34) and continue with the broadcast at 7pm on MNN1 (TWC 34, RCN 83, FiOS 33).

Davis was convicted in 1989 of killing of off-duty police officer, Mark MacPhail. Since then, seven of the nine non-police witnesses who fingered Davis have recanted their testimony, and there is no physical evidence that ties Davis to the crime scene.

YC Pick Of The Week

The Jose Show is a fun and informative variety television program produced and hosted by Youth Channel's Independent Producer, Jose Serrano from the Bronx. He's currently attending his first year of college studying journalism. He continues to produce programming for MNN Youth Channel and BronxNet. In this episode he conducts in-studio interviews with Yan Carlos Mejia, Rafael Contreras and Brian Melford and goes on field to cover local events in support of NYC youth. Also featuring a dance performance by Hillary Collins. Check out The Jose Show this Friday, September 23rd at 3pm on MNN 4 channels TWC 67, RCN 85 and FiOS 36. Enjoy!

Fall 2011 Program Guide

By Jeannette Santiago

Fall 2011 Program Guides are now available. If you would like one mailed to you, email, or pick up copies at Manhattan Neighborhood Network. MNN encourages you to grab a handful and distribute them to your community. You can also mail them to your fan base free of charge, just write down the address on the back and put them in the mailbox. It's the cheapest way to promote your shows!

Chuck's Picks - "Rosa Melita's Footage"

By Chuck Stern

Not enough '90s gay parade videos in your life? "Rosa Melita's Footage" fills that void, and then some. The show captures the color and splendor of a time long gone, with man-on-the-street accounts of pride and celebration. Political, fun and messy in the way only the best public access is, "Rosa" airs every Tuesday night at 11 PM on MNN3!

Chuck's Picks - "The Walter Banks Network"

By Jeannette Santiago

"The Walter Banks Network," approaching its second decade, is an absolute classic. Banks writes, hosts and edits the show, a space drama involving humans of the past, present and future (Abe Lincoln is among them) and their alien counterparts. The style is fragmented, as voice overs and jump cuts appear almost at random, audio and video are frequently mismatched, etc. The resulting universe is cold and vaguely threatening, which is not a surprise since this started as a boxing show! Tune in every Friday at 5 PM on MNN3.