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June 2011

MNN Closed on July 4, 2011

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Dear Producers,

MNN will be closed on Monday, July 4, 2011, in observance of Independence Day. All shows due on that date have until 2pm on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 to submit their programs. Any show submitted after 2pm will be considered late. If you have any questions, please contact the Tape Library at 212-757-2670 ext. 302 or email

Thank you,

MNN Team

YC Pick Of The Week

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Global Transmission is a Youth Channel series featuring documentary and narrative films from around the world. These films present the stories of villages, barrios, communities, towns outside of the United States. Through them we learn about peoples challenges, helping us reflect on our own way of living. Watch our latest episode.

Global Transmission/Brazil from MNN Youth Channel on Vimeo.

Watch Global Transmission on Mondays at 4:30pm and Sundays at 8am on channels TWC 67, RCN 85 and FiOS 36.

Chuck's Picks - "Margarita Pracatan"

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

"Margarita Pracatan" has been seducing audiences for years with her strange, robotic karaoke, sassy dance moves and bug eyes. Her music is fierce and fun, at times alarming, but it's how she channels her manic joy, and it's a good thing; Margarita is sure to brighten anyone's day. Tune in every Saturday at 9:30 PM on MNN2! Next air dates: 6/25 and 7/2.

Join Us Tomorrow For Our Wrap Up Screening

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Our yearly Awards and Wrap Up Screening is tomorrow, Friday, June 24th from 4-6pm. Showing the latest videos aired on the Youth Channel plus new works by our youth. To RSVP contact Hope to see you then!

Chuck's Picks - "That's Kentertainment!"

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

"That's Kentertainment!" is the kind of miracle that could only exist on MNN - a high-profile Broadway interview show, with fans like Stephen Sondheim and Liza Minnelli, hosted by the delightfully insane Ken Kleiber, a living cartoon character, who steals the show with his hilariously over-the-top song and dance numbers, Jesus T-shirts, wacky sound effects and alcoholism. It is the meeting of these extremes (Broadway royalty and public access) that is so compelling, and Ken makes it look easy, clearly enjoying his strange place in media. Let him Kentertain you: every late Thursday/early Friday at midnight on MNN1! Next air dates: 6/24 and 7/1.

MNN Open House June 23rd

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network


If you would like to learn about MNN and or become a member please attend our Open House. Here you will learn about all of the great resources MNN has to offer. The Open House will be held on June 23rd from 1-3pm or 5:30-7:30pm. To register for this event please contact Stefanie Alleyne at  

Alliance for Community Media Annual Conference & Exhibition

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Join ACM on July 27 – 30 in Tucson, AZ, for the Alliance for Community Media’s Annual Conference & Exhibition.  Meet with top industry professionals to explore key issues affecting public, educational and government access organizations and community media centers.  Attend educational programs addressing fundraising, community engagement, CMC management, media and telecom policy, and much more!


Apply Now For A Summer at the Youth Channel

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Youth Channel Summer TV Program Download the application and apply today.

Chuck's Picks - "The Arthur Thompson Show"

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

"The Arthur Thompson Show" is an amusing assault of hokey legends and false folklore, delivered by none other than Arthur Thompson! This is a new kind of theater - a one-man show from one man's basement. Thompson is like the Mad Hatter, your only guide in this chaotic world, but completely unreliable, and that's the fun of it! Tune in every Thursday at 4:30 PM on MNN2! Next air dates: 6/16 and 6/23.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network RSS Feed

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Watch Arlene on MNN 30 and find out how to tag your videos on youtube, vemeo, and blip tv.

Remember that tagging your videos with mnnnyc or mnntv will link them directly to the MNN RSS feed.


MNN Firehouse Voted City's Top Project

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s El Barrio-East Harlem Firehouse project has been honored as the City's top Community project.


The Greater New York Construction User Council annually honors the city's top projects as well as one outstanding individual who has demonstrated leadership in the industry. This year, MNN's newly renovated Firehouse community media center has been honored as the top Community project.

The Firehouse is slated to open next year as a state-of-the-art satellite facility. It will house three studios, editing and training facilities and a Youth Media Center. For more information, see:



Chuck's Picks - "Media Funhouse"

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

"Media Funhouse," airing on MNN for 20 or so years, is the brainchild of Ed Grant, who spends much of the half-hour screening and salivating over '60s art films and French New Wave cinema. Ed's enthusiasm is contagious (his delivery is funny and bombastic) and his knowledge is great (he has a penchant for the trashy). In 2009, The Village Voice hailed "Media" as the Best Public-Access Show. Come see why: every late Saturday/early Sunday at 1 AM on MNN3! Next air dates: 6/5 and 6/12.