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March 2010

Spring 2010 Program Guide

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network


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Get Tough On Cable Bullies

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

by Juan Gonzalez
NY Daily News

Every time you flick on the television these days, the big cable companies and major broadcasters are in some shootout over your cable bill.

Cablevision and ABC turned the Oscars into their latest hostage last weekend. Before that, it was Fox Broadcasting and Time Warner with the Super Bowl.

Of the two sides, the cable companies are by far the worst.

For 30 years, Time Warner and Cablevision monopolized cable service in this town. They divided up our neighborhoods like the old colonial powers split up Africa and Asia, and they made obscene amounts of money in the process.

Even after Verizon rolled out its FiOS service, the cable giants still believe they have some God-given right to run their lines over and under our public streets.

How else do you explain the fact that franchise agreements for both Time Warner and Cablevision expired in 2008, yet the companies have yet to reach a new deal with the city?

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By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Women's History Month is an annual declared month in the United States that highlights contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. MNN's External Affiars & Community Outreach & Media Department is celebrating the courage, contributions and struggles of women through special programming that feature a variety of organizations. Some of the organizations include National Organization of Women, Nontraditional Employment for Women, Voices of Women Organizing Project, Esperanza Del Barrio, Lower East Side Girl Club, National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, North Manhattan Arts Alliance, Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media, and Chica Luna Productions.

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Beeps Slam Cable Delay

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
All five of New York City’s borough presidents warned this week of “serious consequences for the residents of our boroughs” caused by the 18-month delay in new cable Franchise Agreements between the Bloomberg Administration and the incumbent cable operators, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision.

In a March 3rd letter, the five BPs or “beeps” took special aim at the urgent need for the Bloomberg Administration to ensure that Community Access Organizations like MNN, who are operating off deals struck in 1998, have the necessary financial support to meet community needs.

“Community Access Organizations (CAOs) are operating on agreements reached 12 years ago that have become outdated and do not meet the cable related needs and interests of our communities,” wrote the beeps in the letter which was spearheaded by former public access producer and current Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

“Further, the capital support payments required under the old franchise agreements have not been provided by the incumbent cable franchisees since September 2008 despite the continuation of business as usual and the continued...