Manhattan's Public Access Television Station

January 2009

MNN Now on Verizon FiOS

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
All four MNN channels are now up and running on the Verizon FiOS cable tv service in Manhattan.

The line up is as follows:

MNN #1 - Verizon FiOS Channel 33
MNN #2 - Verizon FiOS Channel 34
MNN #3 - Verizon FiOS Channel 35
MNN #4 - Verizon FiOS Channel 36

If you know any Manhattan residents who have the FiOS service, please let them know about MNN. We’d love to hear feedback on the system and how the channels look.

Keep in mind that the Verizon FiOS roll-out around Manhattan is still limited.

Please email to let us know what people are saying.

Congratulations MNN!