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October 2008


By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Summer-Fall 2008Download the Summer/Fall 2008 Edition of The Timecode Times and read what our staff has to say about Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Published through MNN’s Production & Education Department, The Timecode Times is written solely and completely by MNN staff members to inform both the MNN community and the community-at-large about the ins and outs of Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Learn more about Manhattan Neighborhood Network and the people who make it the great community media center that it is. Pick up your copy of The Timecode Times throughout the MNN facility or download it now.

Timecode Times-Summer/Fall 2008

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network


Find out how Verizon closed on a 12-year cable deal with NYC. Read all about it on Page One.

Department Updates

Learn what's happening inside the many departments at MNN. Updates from Production & Education, Programming, and Community Outreach & Media.

Producer Profiles

See MNN's diversity of personalities and programming—get to know two of our most active producers. Featured this issue are Ronald Thomas (Big Talk) and Maria Luna (Community Dialogue: Dialogo Democratico).

Staff Profile

Meet Betty Yu, Director of MNN's Department of Community Outreach and Media. Get to know this dynamic community organizer.

Comings & Goings

Keep tabs on who's who. Check out our staff updates on Page 6.

Tech Tips

Stay organized in Final Cut Pro with Media Manager. Learn all about it on Page 7.

MNN Community Media Alternative Election Programming

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Sick of the corporate news media's coverage of the election?  Tired of political ads nausea?  Then check out MNN's Alternative Election programming, beginning next week!

Community Media's specials will air on Time Warner 67/RCN 85 and live streaming on

Tuesday 10/28   9pm - 10pm
Then & Now....Clips from 2004 and 2008 presidential elections from NYC community groups, including East Harlem Tutorial Program, IndyMedia, LES Girls Club, Picture the Homeless, and Community Voices Heard

Wednesday 10/29 9pm - 10pm
Disenfranchising America....How are various communities disenfranchised in this country?  We'll look in-depth the denial of voting rights to the immigrant and disabled communities.  First up, a studio panel with activists from NYC's immigrant rights organizations, moderated by radio journalist Gail Walker.  Next, "We Just Want to Vote! Barries to Voting for People with Disabilities" by CIDNY and "Speaking Out" by Self Advocacy.

Thursday 10/30  9pm - 10pm
Looking for Alternatives...G.A.M.E., the Grassroots Artists MovEment, hosts a...

MNN Phones Cleared

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
MNN has fixed the busy signals that callers to our 59th Street facility were

Thanks for all your patience and support as we worked around the problem.

For all edit, dub and express studio reservations, please call 212-757-2670
x314 or x318. Field Reservations are x309 and Studio Reservations are at

For all MNN staff contact information see:

Phone Problems & Contact Info

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN's main facility on West 59th Street is experiencing telephone
difficulties. Callers are receiving a busy signal.

We are working as hard as we can on the problem and hope to have it fixed as
soon as possible.

In the meantime, please contact MNN via email.


1. Fishbowl/Edit/Dub/Express Studio Reservations
2. Field Equipment Reservations
3. Studio reservations

Please email

For Programming, please email
For Master Control, please email
For Community Media & Outreach, please email
For Finance & Administration, please email
For Engineering services, please email
For External Affairs, please email
For Youth Channel, please email

Thanks in advance for all...

Hemispheric Collaboration: Internet Bill of Rights

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

I'm downtown at what's being called an historic event: a real time, intercontinental collaborative construction of an Internet Bill of Rights which is taking place in New York and simultaneously in South America. This collaborative effort to create a consensus of agreement on a set of essential rights for the Internet was done using custom software that allowed the participants, working in small groups, to make suggestions for inclusion in an Internet Bill of Rights, edit each other suggestions, and then 'endorse' any groups contributions by adding their group's icon to any of the suggestions. The collaboration was also faciliated by simultaneous machine translation between English and Spanish. The workshop went on for about 90 minutes at which time edits and endorsements were locked. Here's the collaborative page as it was when the session ended.

The program works by allowing you to suggest planks in an Internet Bill of Rights (which are simultaneously translated into Spanish) each group can read all of the contributions and decide whether to add their groups icon as...