Manhattan's Public Access Television Station

June 2008

Exclusive Look at MNN's New Promo!

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

As of June 27th, 2008, AMC theaters in New York City will be airing MNN's newest promo. Before you see it in theaters, here's a sneak peek.


MNN would like to thank everyone

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN would like to thank everyone who came out to the New York City Cable Franchise renewal hearing on Thursday Feb. 7, 2008 at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Hundreds of Manhattan residents representing the diversity of the Borough testified and sent testimony in support of MNN, free speech, and a viable communications infrastructure for the public interest.

Our collective voices were loud and clear and made sure the City of New York and the cable companies are well aware of the technological needs and interests of the residents of Manhattan.

As a representative of one organization testified, “In this capital driven economy, it is encouraging to find an organization that provides the outreach and education that MNN provides for women and minority communities”. Access to media and technology is not a privilege, it is a right for all residents of the Borough.

It was inspiring see all the community based organizations, youth and labor organizations, consumers groups, independent producers, elected officials, and friends who came out in support of MNN and free speech.

In another breakthrough for MNN the hearings at BMCC were carried live on Channel 56. MNN...

MNN's Summer Promo Campaign

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network


Starting Friday, May 30th, 2008, MNN will be kick-starting their new summer ad campaign. The new campaign will take MNN's exposure to a new level, as MNN's promos will be featured across New York City's most popular media outlets. The campaign will start in the City/Suburban section of the Daily News from May 30th through June 5th. MNN will also be advertising promos in the MTA, local English and Spanish newspapers, movie theaters and local radio stations.


MNN and the National Conference for Media Reform

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

The National Conference for Media Reform is the fast growing movement that advocates efforts that will promote a more diverse and democratic media structure. Manhattan Neighborhood Network will be carrying the opening plenary and covering the following presentations:


Live from Minneapolis, The National Conference for Media Reform


Open Plenary: June 6, 2008 from 11 am - 1 pm on Channel 34


Bill Moyers Speech: June 7, 2008 from 9 am - 10 am on Channel 34


Closing Plenary: June 8, 2008 from 12:30 pm - 2 pm on Channel 67



Live from DCTV

"The Transformation of Palestine/Israel Creating a Single, Secular, Democratic State With Equal Rights for All," will be airing June 7 from 2 pm - 4 pm on Channel 67


*A press release for the above event is available for downloading.  Click the attachment link below 




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