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March 2008

Welcome to the *new* (old) site !

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Stay tuned for important announcements!

Somewhere a phone rings...

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Setting up some new stuff on the site today, and won't bore you with the bloggy details, but poke around, see what you find and send in any inquiries using the contact section.

And keep watching!


MNN New Series

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MNN has ALL NEW Original Programming!

MNN Concert Series:
An in-depth look at the hottest up-and-coming musical acts in New York City doing what they do best—performing! This one-hour showcase will feature Zon Del Barrio, Miya Masaoka, Dub Is A Weapon, Fetal Syndrome, Time Of Orchids, Yerbabuena, and many more. Uninterrupted, raw, and real, The MNN Concert Series will have you listening and thinking at the same time.

MNN Cafe:
Once a month, MNN staff members band together to present a unique look at New York City from the inside out. From jazz bands, to Off-Broadway shows (Closer), no topic is off limits for the MNN Cafe series. Tune in once a month to this very exciting and unpredictable LIVE show.

Up-and-Coming shows:
MNN Mini Series presents THE FALL OF AMERICA:
A curse has been put on America by its former slaves. No one can go outside, no one can look out the window, or they will choke to death. Five co-workers are forced to stay in one building with no water and no food. When all of...

FCP Email Group

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Do you want to know more about the new version of Final Cut Pro? Did you know that MNN has recently upgraded all their computer labs to Final Cut Pro Suite v2.0 which includes Final Cut Pro v6.0, Soundtrack Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, and Apple's newest program, Color v1.0

Devorah Hill, MNN's NLE Lab Coordinator/Instructor, has created a way for you to receive the latest information and tips related to Final Cut Pro. If you're interested in joining Devorah's Final Cut Pro email list, send her an email to join:


Support MNN and Public Access!

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN would like to thank everyone who came out to the New York City Cable Franchise renewal hearing on Thursday Feb. 7, 2008 at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Hundreds of Manhattan residents representing the diversity of the Borough testified and sent testimony in support of MNN, free speech, and a viable communications infrastructure for the public interest.

Our collective voices were loud and clear and made sure the City of New York and the cable companies are well aware of the technological needs and interests of the residents of Manhattan.

As a representative of one organization testified, “In this capital driven economy, it is encouraging to find an organization that provides the outreach and education that MNN provides for women and minority communities”. Access to media and technology is not a privilege, it is a right for all residents of the Borough.

It was inspiring see all the community based organizations, youth and labor organizations, consumers groups, independent producers, elected...

What's Your Immigration Story?

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

What's Your Immigration Story?

As part of New York City's Immigrant Week 2008, Manhattan Neighborhood Network will be holding digital storytelling workshops aimed at immigrant rights organizations so that the people involved can tell their personal stories.  

Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights.  

Workshops will take place in our East Harlem/El Barrio office on March 27, 31st and April 1st from 6:30 to 9:30.

By the end of the workshop participants will have walked away with their own digital story.

These stories will be compiled...

"Grassroots Fundraising for Community Media" Workshop on Wed. March 26th

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Announcing the 2008 Monthly

Community Media Workshop Series


Attend the Next Workshop: "Grassroots Fundraising for Community Media"Workshop
on Wednesday, March 26th @ 6:30pm
Grassroots Fundraising for Community Media

This panel will bring local funders who are interested in community media initiatives in a conversation with groups who have successfully secured funding for similar projects. We'll also feature groups which have used non-traditional grassroots fundraising strategies to get their projects off the ground. Come hear about the different ways you can fundraise for your community-based media projects from representatives of the Funding Exchange, The North...

Free Classes at MNN!

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Free Classes at MNN!

Along with our free Field Camera and T.V. Studio Training, we are now offering these new and exciting seminars and workshops!

Come in and sign up for…

  • PHOTOSHOP: Learn basic grahic design with this popular program. Distort, enhance and get creative with all types of graphics.
  • VIDEO-BLOGGING: Put your videos online! Learn how to upload your videos to your own personal web-page.
  • SOUNDTRACK PRO: In this class you will learn how to use the audio-editing application, “Soundtrack Pro,” which allows you to compose your own soundtrack to go along with your Final Cut Pro-editing video! Learn how to edit the most important part of your video: the sound.
  • LIVETYPE: Learn how to animate your title sequences with this application. Make your titles pop!

Call (212) 757-2670, extension 312, or email for more information.

netmask 000000ff doesn't make sense with host route

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Well for all my concerns about fixing it from Boston, reconfiguring the network went surprisingly well, at least it was just a matter of entering the correct values and restarting networking on the various machines. tested everything in time for lunch after which I heard from Jacob, up pretty early apparently, who offered he had 30 free minutes to chat about the changeover, though I'd already taken care of it by then. Still glad I didn't go ahead and fix it remotely from Boston, things always go wrong when you least expect it, yanno.

Q + Me: A Fierce and Questioning Asian America Screening on Fri, March 14th @ 7pm

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Q + Me: A Fierce and Questioning Asian America

Organized by the Museum of Chinese America and Co-sponsored by MNN's Community Outreach & Media Department









Screening followed by Q+A w/ Stuart Gaffney, Lynne Chan and Alan Calpe

Fri, Mar 14 @ 7:00pm

Event Location: Downtown Community Television DCTV’s 3rd Floor Screening Room 87 Lafayette St., bet Walker & White St. (please ring bell to come in).

MOCA Members $3/Non-MOCA Members $5

To RSVP or to get info on MOCA programs you can call 212-619-4785 ext 106 or email

Screening followed by Q & A with Stuart Gaffney, Lynne Chan and Alan Calpe. Co-sponsored by...

MNN Youth channel Latest News for front page

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MNN's Youth channel is building a new website with a sleek new look. They are also expanding their presence in multiple websites on Internet (See links below). The new website will make it easier to access information that the younger generation needs: more workshops, more training sessions, and more interaction between the Youth Channel and their viewers.

Please stay tuned for the launch of this new and powerful website for the next generation.



HOW2 TV series continue with MNN

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The series that showed you how to make video is back!
In two brand new installments, learn the latest
techniques to create video for your website, or to transfer your
videotapes from S-VHS to Mini DV format.
Hosted by Diana Quiñones-Rivera, a Production Coordinator/Instructor
at MNN, videos are presented in both English and Spanish.

"HOW2 TV" is straightforward, to the point, and fun to watch.
Learn in a very simple way many of the things taught at MNN’s amazing
free trainings in just a few minutes by members of the MNN staff.

Click on the "Video Archive" thumbnail located in the right sidebar...

MNN Youth Channel

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN Youth Channel is a division of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) serving young people below the age of 25. Established in 2000, MNN Youth Channel aims to give youth, of all backgrounds, the opportunity to create community media, foster dialogue, and engage in social change.

The Youth Channel has its own website , visit

If you would like to see news clips from MNN Youth Channel's very own news show, Defense Against Media Nonsense (D.A.M.N.), visit the show's blog site at

If you would like to view select Youth Channel videos visit our growing YouTube page at

If you have a Myspace page and would like to get involved in youth media, please add or request us at...

No Updates This Week.

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It's just what every network wants to hear on their first day of a week long conference away. "Um, I kinda bumped the power supply to the firewall." Not really such a bit deal, right, it'll just come back up. Unless you're like me and left last week without saving all my (your) rules in a start up script. (So much for the phone route.) But enough about that. I'll be at Drupalcon all week and likely won't be updating anything here. :-P tgd: mnn, drupalcon. Also it should be noted that I am *sortof* trying to move by the 1st which like gives me 20 or so days to find an apartment i like and move in. so that's in addition to everything else. oh and did i mention that includes getting all the youknowwhat paperwork in order and opening up a bank account or three. so it was kindof a buzzy month. niiiiiice.