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February 2008

Community Media Visions

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN's New Website

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
MNN would like to inform you of our new website which we hope to have completed by April of 2008. This is an exciting change for MNN both in how the site will be presented and technologies being utilized. The site will offer multiple options for our producers and organizations that work with MNN. It will provide further opportunities for communication between producers, staff, and the viewing public.

The public and viewers will be able to leave comments on published stories on the new website. The producers will also be able to respond to comments. The site will also offer interviews of some producers. For example, a producer might give an interview about their and the importance of MNN in their life.

MNN will have also have a new page, which will reproduce information published in MNN magazine, Time Code Times.

MNN's IT Department is also working to upgrade the web-streaming solution.

This is a splendid way of continuing another decade with MNN.

In the growing community-based Internet, MNN feels it's important to provide the public with a way to communicate with producers, staff, and amongst...

Apple’s well kept Xsan secret.

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Pretty funny coincidence that not even a week after we decided not to go with an Apple Xsan storage solution --for reasons that are best left unsaid-- Apple made the annoucement they would no longer be making their own raid hardware but would be outsourcing the chassis to Promise. Or rather buying Promise. Or something. Anyway, best left unsaid doesn't have to mean unsaid, and so the truth was that we caught a different rumour that Google video was using Rourke hw on the backend of their XSan MDC's, because it just out-performed the Apple stuff. Hard to bleeve isn’t it. But the really amazing reason for that didn't appear til after the Promise announcement. Apple never made the jump to SATA. They were still using unserialised drives right up to the day the closed the division. In 2008. The clock stopped for Apple XSan long ago. Just don't tell that to the NFL (who recently had Apple whip them up a 2-4 Petabyte Xsan storage array.) Having said that, their hw is real pretty, if you you’re the sort who likes sitting roung all day staring at blinking lights and blue neon.

Grassroots Media Conference

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN is proud to be partnering with the Grassroots Media Conference for the fifth year! Check out all the MNN and YC workshops at the GMC on Sunday, March 2nd at Hunter College!


What: NYC Grassroots Media Conference

When: Sunday, March 2nd all day

Where: Hunter college, East 68th St. and Lexington Ave.

Why: Because we all need some Media Justice!



For the past four years, the GMC has explored the political dimensions of media and how it shapes our lives. In developing relationships between community and media organizations, the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition is working to re-imagine issues of access to, control of, and power over our media system. That means defining our struggle as a struggle for Media Justice.

Join MNN and the Youth Channel at the 2008 NYC Grassroots Media Conference as we seek to define our understanding of and relationship to Media Justice as a community, and explore how we can not only envision an ideal world, but make this vision a reality.


For more info, go to:...

Timecode Times-Winter 2007

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network


MNN Celebrates 15 Years of Community Access Television
MNN turned 15th years old! Check out what we did to commemorate it on Page One.

Department Updates

Learn what's happening inside the many departments at MNN. Updates from Production & Education, External Affairs, Youth Channel, Community Outreach & Media, and Engineering.

Producer Profiles

See MNN's diversity of personalities and programming—get to know two of our most active producers. Featured this issue are Bea Montgomery (Mothership Connection) and Sue Hubbard Tarlton (Celebrate U).

Staff Profile

Meet Studio Coordinator, Rich Speziale. Check out what one of MNN's long-standing employees has to say.

Workshop Update

We've got some new classes—in Spanish too!

Tech Tips

How do you stay organized in Final Cut Pro? Learn how on Page 7. And what's the deal with all these new tape formats? Find out on Page 9.

Comings & Goings

Keep tabs on who's who. Check out our staff updates.


By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Winter 2007The Winter 2007 year-end edition of The Timecode Times is here and ready for download! Relive MNN's 15th Anniversary celebration on Page One and check out our special commemorative centerfold. Also, read what our staff has to say about what's going on in and around Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Published through MNN’s Production & Education Department, The Timecode Times is written solely and completely by MNN staff members to inform both the MNN community and the community-at-large about the ins and outs of Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Learn more about Manhattan Neighborhood Network and the people who make it the great community media center that it is. Pick up your copy of The Timecode Times throughout the MNN facility or download it now.

Cable Franchise Hearings Follow Up

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
What happens when you mix devoted MNN producers, with an opportunity
once every 10 years to testify to Time Warner on why they should continue
to produce. The heartfelt testimonies of yesterdays Franchise Hearings at
Borough of Manhattan Community College in Tribeca. If you weren't able to
make the event but you still want to testify on behalf of public access or
other Time Warner consumers then mail your testimonies to:

Care Of: Stanley Shor, Assistant Commissioner Franchise Administration
New York City Department of Information, Technology and
75 Park Place-9th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Include your position on cable access, expansion of cable access
resources, the strength of independent media to represent stories excluded
from national or local news programs. What you want to see from Time
Warner in terms of service requests, responses to customer service and
services offered through Time Warner, such as movies on Demand and DVR

Make your voices heard!

The Latest Timecode Times is Here!

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
MNN's Winter 2007 Edition of The Timecode Times is now available. Pick up your copy at our facility or you can download it here. This edition includes informative articles about new classes and technology at MNN. Also featuring in this season’s edition news on the cable franchise negotiations, a glimpse of our future location in Harlem, interviews and much more. Get your copy today!


By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Thursday, February 7, 2008 will be your opportunity to help MNN help YOU!

Thursday, February 7, 2008
Borough of Manhattan Community College
Richard Harris Terrace – Tribeca Performing Arts Center
199 Chambers Street, NY, NY 10007

Please contact:
Zenaida Mendez
212 757 2670, Ext 319

On Thursday, February 7, 2008 all those who support Free Speech, the First Amendment and alternative media need to attend a hearing from 3pm-7pm at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

As part of the Franchise renewal process between the City of New York and TimeWarner Cable, a public hearing will be held to allow NYC residents an opportunity to voice their views and concerns regarding the cable franchise we will all be living with for the next 10 to 15 years. It is extremely important that our public officials hear loud and clear that Public Access provisions are critically important to our community and that continued and expanded support for the needs and interests of Manhattan residents must be included in any franchise...