Manhattan's Public Access Television Station

June 2007

Apply July 16 through July 27 for a Fall Series!

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Ever dream about having a regularly scheduled show on TV? MNN welcomes any sort of programming you want to make, whether it's comedy, talk shows, interviews, community issues, or even fitness and cooking shows!

Apply July 16 through July 27, 2007 for a show for the Fall Quarter!

To apply for a series, submit a Series Timeslot Request form and pilot tape to the Programming Department (Room 205) or the Tape Library. Download and fill out a Proof of Residence form and submit it with a photocopy of your photo ID and proof of residency. Only one tape per series application. These guidelines apply for any quarter that you wish to submit a new series for.

We highly recommend that you submit tapes in Mini-DV and DVCAM. The Fall Quarter (this quarter) is the very last time we will be accepting VHS tapes. Your program will look and sound better on MiniDV tape. As networks and television stations are going digital, MiniDV will become the standard in video submissions. MiniDVs are also becoming more affordable. There are many places in Manhattan and online to get affordable DV tapestock...

Send Us Your Promos!

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Promote your show!If you want to people to watch your show, you have to promote it.  So submit your promo to Programming!

Please make sure to include Time Warner, RCN and MNN website info so people can watch your show all around the world!
TWC 34 | 56 | 57 | 67 RCN 82 | 83 | 84 | 85 and live streaming on the Web at

Make it 30-60 seconds long (with 10 seconds of black beginning and end) on miniDV.

Got questions? Email or call 212-757-2670 x 307 or talk to Jennifer!

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By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Want an easier way to get updated content from MNN? You can subscribe to our RSS feeds. You can get a feed of all our content, or pick 'n choose: we have separate feeds for Videos, Events, News Stories, and even news about MNN written by outside media. Or filter down some more and get just Videos and Events by topic.

For more information, visit our MNN feeds page.

July 19th MNN’s Digital Garden Screening

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN. We're homegrown.MNN continues with our Digital Garden Summer Series with a reception and screening featuring MNN's Uptown community and arts programming.  Light refreshments provided.

7pm at Rio Gallery II

583 Riverside Drive, corner of 135th Street

C or 1 to 135th Street 


Break free from the concrete jungle! Experience grassroots media in New York’s greenest spaces with a whole season of free screenings and workshops!


About Rio Galleries

Rio Galleries are part of the Broadway Housing Communities program, offering cultural and arts programming to the communities where Broadway Housing  is located.  For more info,


Save the Date! Celebrate MNN’s 15th Birthday Block Party
September 15th – Check out MNN’s new look, free performances, food, and all the latest MNN has the offer, including our plans for an Uptown Youth Community Media Center.

This summer…you’re what’s on MNN... en Español

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Notice those little English and Spanish flag buttons on the upper right-hand corner of the page? Or at the bottom of almost any of our pages?

MNN's website has gone bilingual. Now you can find most of our content in both English and Spanish. Clicking on the flags in the green area up top or on the bottom right of each page will switch your menus to English or Spanish, whichever your preference. We hope that by adding the bilingual feature we can better serve our Spanish-speaking audience.

The Schedule, News Stories, Press Releases, and Events will still only be in English.

Youth Channel Screening: A Video Blooms in Spanish Harlem - this Wed. June 6th 6pm

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

440 E. 116TH ST. btw. FIRST & PLEASANT AVE.

You're invited to join the MNN Youth Channel for our annual Spring Wrap Up Screening: A video blooms in Spanish Harlem! This year, we took on more trainings than ever & are excited to be honoring the youth media makers & organizations we have worked with over the past few months. Come check out brand new media made by young people from:

~ Region 9 City Scholars

~ Schomburg Jr. Scholars

~ Harlem RBI

~ Duncan Center Police Athletic League

~ Border Crossers

~ MS 328

~ Beginning with Children Charter School

~ YouthBridge-NY

~ Mt. Sinai SPEEK Program

Over the last few months we've had YC youth all around the city at the Studio Museum of Harlem, the...

Eye Am Screening Tuesday, June 5th at Two Boots

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

The MNN series Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens is proud to present a screening on Tuesday, June 5th at 7pm at Two Boots Pioneer Theater. Not Another's Fantasy ~ Women Exploring the Self through Fact, Fantasy, and Fiction features film, video, and animation by Anna van Someren, Lili White, Naomi White, Oriana Fox, Pavitra Chalam, Natalia Surniak, Irina Patkamian, Kristi Ryba, Vanessa Woods, Lani Sciandra, and Maya Weimer. More info on the films can be found here. There will also be sneak previews from next season with pieces by Devorah Hill and Annie Novak and Alexis Powell of the Meerkat Media Collective.

Please join us on June 5th at 7pm. A free pizza and beer reception will follow the screening. Two Boots Pioneer Theater is located at 155 East 3rd St., Manhattan.

Visit for tickets! (Advance tickets are recommended.)

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