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April 2007

Apply for a Summer Series! (Deadline: April 27)

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Ever dream about having a regularly scheduled show on TV? MNN welcomes any sort of programming you want to make, whether it's comedy, talk shows, interviews, community issues, or even fitness and cooking shows!

Apply now through April 27 for a show for the Summer Quarter!

To apply for a series, submit a Series Timeslot Request form and pilot tape to the Programming Department (Room 205) or the Tape Library. Download and fill out a Proof of Residence form and submit it with a photocopy of your photo ID and proof of residency. Only one tape per series application. These guidelines apply for any quarter that you wish to submit a new series for.

We highly recommend that you submit tapes in Mini-DV and DVCAM, but will still accept VHS until the Winter Quarter. Your program will look and sound better on MiniDV tape. As networks and television stations are going digital, MiniDV will become the standard in video submissions. MiniDVs are also becoming more affordable. There are many places in Manhattan and online to get affordable DV tapestock with prices comparable to the cost for VHS. Visit...

Back from NAB in Las Vegas

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Tyrone, Hector, Geoff and I are heading back to New York from a long week at the NAB conference in fabulous Las Vegas. I feel as though I need to add a "baby" in there at the end but I will refrain. NAB, National Association of Broadcasters, holds an annual conference in Las Vegas bringing together television stations from all over the world. The conference draws over 30,000 participants from thousands of televisions stations all over the world. Close to 5,000 vendors show up to show off there wares and demonstrate the latest and greatest in technology.










MNN was there to look at the latest in equipment so that we can continue to expand our services to you. More specifically we tackle several areas. Geoff looked at field cameras and microphones. Hector researched new Master Control equipment to keep us on the air, Tyrone had meetings with just about everyone (CG, switching, routing) and I primarily focused on automation systems.

Hector, Tyrone and I focused on many of the "behind the scenes...

Pothedz Couch

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

I have worked at MNN for almost two years and in those two short years I have come across a lot of really great content. Everyone on staff has a set of their own personal favorites shows and I have never really had the time to create my own personal list. Sitting on a Saturday night I flipped on Channel 57 and came across "Pothedz Couch". Actually the schedule shows it as "Wayne's World" with a different producer but since the two are special I'm sure there was a tape problem or a scheduling conflict. 

Regardless Wayne's World is an amazing show! I hope they keep producing more stuff both for Cable Access and for the Internet. Oh yes they are on the Internet check them out at

While I'm on the topic of MNN Shows on the Internet check out these other shows. If you're isn't listed well then tell us about it!

New Webserver...

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

e326Our former webserver was performing rather sluggishly so we replaced it with this bad boy. An IBM e326 powerhouse!

  • Dual AMD Opteron 2ghz (dual proc. capable single installed)
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 15K 320UW SCSI Discs... oh yaa fully hot swappable
  • Dual gigabit Nics

This machine is just kicking butt and ready for all of the upgrades we have coming down the line.


Previously we were running our three websites on a 5 year old server that was...

  • 500 mhz
  • 512 MB of Ram
  • 40gig Ultra ATA hard drives
  • Single 100base card

The difference is massive in terms of speed, reliability and outright performance. We have two other 326 servers with one of them having over 416 days of uptime. Yup that's right the server hasn't skipped a beat in over a year. That server is also one of the busiest handling all of our database requests on both Postgres and Mysql (it hosts over 10 databases that are constantly in use).

I love...

What's New in Video - April 07

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network


Seen our new promos and PSAs on TV? Watch and rewatch them in our Video Archive. There is a promo that highlights our new shows for Spring, a promo for our Housing Block on Thursdays, and even one for the new promo series, "Be Your Dream. Be MNN."

Kids understand Save Access...why not Congress? A new PSA features New York kids extolling the virtues of free speech, and encouraging you to contact Chuck and Hilary about Save Access. We also have a Save Access PSA in Portuguese.

What's up at MNN's Youth Channel? A PSA produced by the YMIC program explores the controversy behind the notorious "N" word. And during the 2007 Grassroots Media Conference, Youth Channel taught a DIY Animation workshop, where participants made an animation piece about a heroic street-musician robot.

Check out...

Want to rewatch, download, or get a copy of a favorite show?

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Use our Contact a Producer form!

You can contact the producer of the program, who can answer any of those questions for you.

Simply go to our online schedule, and search for the show by channel and day. If the producer has provided contact info, simply click on the "contact" link and email away.

Most producers also provide contact information during their program. If the information is not provided, call the Scheduling Department at 212-757-2670 ext. 307.

Please note that not all producers have contact information available.