Manhattan's Public Access Television Station

February 2007

Free Screening Thur. March 1st: Presented by MNN and the Black Documentary Collective

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN will be co-hosting a community screening this Thursday, March 1st with the Black Documentary Collective (BDC). This FREE screening will take place in MNN's Open Studio and will begin at 6:30pm.

Julieanna Richardson of The History Makers will be flying in from Chicago to make a special presentation about one of the world's
largest archival reserves of historic and contemporary African-American history.

There will also be a screening of When The Spirits Dance Mambo about the sacred West African influence on Cuba's religion, music, and culture, by Producer and Director of Photography Robert Shepard.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with award-winning cinematographer Robert Shepard, who first earned praise for his camera work on the famed series Eyes on the Prize. Since then, he has worked on more than 200 films with such acclaimed directors as Stanley Nelson and Bill Moyers, and won a host of awards with his films airing on almost every television network including HBO, PBS, A&E, and ABC.

All are welcome to come join us for this special screening. Feel free to...

Open Invitation to the East Harlem Community: Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 7pm

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Manhattan Neighborhood Network has been in the process of expanding our services by creating a full time uptown facility in East Harlem. After an extensive architectural, engineering, and environmental assessment of the building, MNN has purchased the Firehouse located East 104th Street and will begin the restoration of this historic building.

Until such renovations are complete, MNN will continue our organizational work in El Barrio from a temporary location at 1699 Lexington Ave between 106th and 107th street.

In order to include the Harlem community in envisioning how MNN will become an addition to the cultural work of the neighborhood of El Barrio, MNN will host a series of gatherings. This is your opportunity to shape what the new facility will offer and for us to answer any questions you might have.

If you are an East Harlem resident, or your organization services the East Harlem community, join us on Tuesday, February 27, starting at 7pm for our first dialog at the Julia de Burgos Cultural Center, located at 1680 Lexington Ave. You can take the 6 train to 103rd or 110th street. If you are interested in attending or...

Hometown Video Awards 2007

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Do you have an MNN video project you're especially proud of? The Hometown Video Awards is a national video festival sponsored by the Alliance for Community Media for all community media and public access work.

MNN has had many winners in past years and we encourage producers to submit entries. There are numerous categories for entry, as well as an overall excellence category. The awards are presented at the Alliance national convention in June.

Entries must have had their first telecast on a local cable access channel on or between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006. The deadline is Wed, Mar 28th, 2007 (on the West Coast).

Producers who want to take advantage of the $40 member entry fee must submit their tapes to MNN by March 19th. Please bring your tapes to the reception desk at MNN's facilities on 59th street along with a $40 money order and...

Register for Community Planning Workshops

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

It's about the future of cable communications in Manhattan.

What is your vision of local media in Manhattan - now, and for the next ten years? Come voice your opinions at a series of free workshops held around Manhattan.

Bring your ideas and learn about the opportunity we have right now for the City of New York to provide new technological resources to Manhattan. Workshops run from March 20 to March 28.

The 15 workshop include: Immigrant Rights Organizations, Alternative and Community Media Organizations, Women's Issues, Religion and Faith-based issues, and many more. Please see complete workshop listings here.

Register for workshops.

Making Connections in East Harlem

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Connections is a series of “encuentros” or gatherings to include the community in envisioning how Manhattan Neighborhood Network will become an addition to the cultural work in East Harlem. Art for Change will also take part of this initiative as they begin their process of becoming a center for the convergence of art and activism. After three years of working in el barrio, MNN will be establishing a more permanent presence in the neighborhood. This is an opportunity to shape what the new facility will offer and answer any questions community members may have.

Join us on Tuesday, February 2007 for our first dialog at the Julia de Burgos cultural center. If you are interested in participating, please call 212-757-2670 x332 or email

Power to the DV Tape! Upgrade Your Program Format

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Are you still submitting your programs in VHS or SVHS? MNN is revving up to go fully digital, so we're encouraging all producers to upgrade your program format. Fall 07 is the very last quarter we will be accepting shows on VHS/S-VHS tapes.

All tapes, without exception, for Winter 07 must be MiniDV or MiniDVCAM. If you hand in a tape (series or singles) for Winter 07 airdate (December 16 -March 17) that is not in MiniDV or MiniDVCAM formats, it will not air. Likewise, we will ONLY accept series application tapes and promos on MiniDV or MiniDVCAM tape beginning Winter 07.

But why wait 'til December? Did you know that your program will look and sound better on MiniDV tape? As networks and television stations are going digital, MiniDV will become the standard in video submissions.

MiniDVs are also becoming more affordable. There are many places in Manhattan and online to get affordable DV tapestock with prices comparable to VHS. The average cost per tape is $4, but if you purchase tapes in bulk (5 or more) the price can be as low as $2, depending on the store and the number you buy.

Some great resources for affordable MiniDVs:


NLE Lab Upgrades

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

As you may have noticed MNN is moving into the 20th century with its new website and it is slowly making its way into the 21st century (Blogs are ssooo 20th century). This is the first inaugural blog on the MNN website and I'd love to make promises like "I'll blog everyday" or "stay tuned for lots of changes" you've heard them all before. The staff at MNN is incredibly busy putting in new technology and creating a new foundation for the future growth of MNN. Oh yes.. MNN is growing!

Part of the growth include new computers. 13 of them in fact. These beauties came in almost two months ago and they are almost ready for primetime use. Check them out.

Andy Machead

This is Andy being a "machead". These new iMacs are soo nice and fast

  • Dual Core 2.33ghz Processors
  • 24 inches of pure flat screen love
  • 3 gigs of Ram
  • 256MB SDRAM video cards
  • gigabit networking

While Andy prefers being a Machead I just love to caress.. um I mean fondle. Wait, no I mean that I simply "like" (in the loving kind of way) mac...

Workshop Series for Community Groups Begins!

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network


In an effort to assist community, cultural, arts, and social justice groups in their communication and technology needs, the Community Media and Outreach Department at MNN is organizing a series of workshops open to organizations that are just getting started in using media, as well as those who have been using it for a while.

The presenters and panelists reflect the diverse pool of community media makers, advocates and activists in the field. They will provide a wealth of resources for your group t

Guerrilla Filmmakers Screening Wed. Feb. 7th

By Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Guerrilla Filmmakers Screening: Billy's Girls

Wednesday, February 7th at 7 pm in MNN's Open Studio

Free and open to the public!

Q & A with Director and cast to follow the screening

Documentary filmmaker Chris Deleo's latest film is about 46-year-old Billy Naughton and the family he left behind when he died of a heart attack in 2003. Billy's Girls (2006) deals with loss, loneliness, and feelings of abandonment, as his wife and daughter cope with his death in different ways.