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Due to winter weather conditions, all MNN facilities will close early on Monday, January 26. Please monitor our website for details on any additional closures.
This year at Sundance, MNN will be credited. That's right: Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the country's largest community media organization, is making a mark!
MNN's Youth Channel covers a community speak out organized by People Power Movement.
Happy New Year! Our Clip of the Week (this very short work week) takes us back to one of the final 2014 episodes of "Represent NYC."
This Saturday, INSIDE NEW YORK is pleased to present an exclusive with Faith Ringgold, the legendary artist, activist, author and educator who at 84 shares with us her latest creative work, an art game called "Quiltuduko."
As usual, we're so lucky to have such moving, enlightening programming from our producers to put in front of MNN's audiences this week. Here are some highlights for this week on MNN!