It’s Memorial Day, and the nation pauses to honor and remember the men and women who were lost in battle preserving American freedoms and values. This holiday week, we present a panoply of programming that celebrates our American diversity and our freedom of expression.
Before the barbeques and outdoor gatherings begin this holiday weekend, make time to watch this clip of “Witnessing History” to ground your Memorial Day celebrations in the real meaning of the day.
This Saturday, INSIDE NEW YORK has your VIP Ticket and a behind-the-scenes look at the Theatre World Awards Tony Award Winners and Nominees, which always kicks-off the Awards season. Tune in for our special rebroadcast. The 2015 John Willis Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre was presented to Chita Rivera. The 7th Annual Dorothy Loudon Award for Excellence, honoring an Outstanding...
This Sunday on "The Radical Imagination," host Jim Vrettos chats with Rabbi Michael Lerner about the Israel/Palestine conflict and ideas for how to resolve it once and for all.
In this week’s Youth Channel Spotlight, our youth producers walk through the voter registration process.
Before the age of social media and YouTube, opportunities for sharing video content with a large audience were slim. However in 2001, two resourceful Marymount Manhattan College seniors found a platform to showcase their work: MNN.