Before the barbeques and outdoor gatherings begin this holiday weekend, make time to watch this clip of “Witnessing History” to ground your Memorial Day celebrations in the true spirit of the day.
INSIDE NEW YORK continues its month-long celebration of August Wilson's birthday with a special rebroadcast of highlights from the Celebration of Life for August Wilson. August Wilson, the groundbreaking two-time Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright who devoted his life’s work to depicting and chronicling the Black experience in America in the 20th century is best known for...
As we remember those this weekend that fought for their ideals and our nation’s freedoms, we look back to Youth Channel coverage of the peaceful protests and rallies following the swift and unexpected closure of the Morales-Shakur Student Center at CUNY in 2013.
Join us on Friday, June 5 as the Firehouse Film Club kicks off LGBT Pride Month with a screening of “If these Walls Could Talk 2,” the follow-up to the 1996 movie of the same name.
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Satiate your sweet tooth this week on MNN, as “The Woman’s Connection” features chef Natasha MacAller and her book “Vanilla Table,” “The Facts” goes back to the future in a search for a sweetheart, and a musical guest on “GingerNewYork” entertains with country music from the heart.