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With so many holiday parties in December, MNN’s getting into the celebratory spirit, with programming from “Democracy Now!,” “CCCADI Grand Opening,” “The Carmen Mathis Show,” “GingerNewYork,” and “Sistah Talk Comedy Fest IV,” plus shows from “The Facts” and “Gotta Run with Will.”
As a new generation of activists rises to the surface, we look back to activists of the past who have helped to shape the American landscape. Host Heather Wokusch talks to Corinne Willinger about her experiences during WWII.
Why is there a battle brewing over 30,000 affordable housing units in New York City? Find out this Sunday at 7 pm on a new episode of Represent NYC.
As people gather globally as part of World AIDS Day to raise awareness and show support for those living with HIV and AIDS, we bring you a Youth Channel clip from a 2015 event showing local efforts to do the same.
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