Watch this week’s YC Spotlight, a clip featuring the March 28 CAAAV’s Asian Youth in Action Open Mic event, where youth and the larger community came together in discussion and art to explore the recent community-police tensions and conflicts.
Relax after your Thanksgiving and Black Friday festivities with a night of thought-provoking programming focused on important issues and events affecting the culture and people of Manhattan.
This Sunday, a new episode of Represent NYC explores how Manhattan residents are mobilizing to fight back against superscrapers.
While you’re dicing and peeling, measuring and stirring in preparation for this Thursday, let MNN be your Thanksgiving week backdrop, with shows including “The Facts,” “Gotta Run with Will,” and “GingerNewYork.”
Watch the panel discussion addressing the rise of ISIS, history of Islamic fundamentalism, and the history and practice of U.S. imperialism.
With anti-Muslim hate crimes on the rise, students gathered at John Jay University earlier this year for a vigil for victims of hate-based violence, and to discuss Islamophobia in the community.