Manhattan's Public Access Television Station


Andrew Leon Youth Production Coordinator
Anthony McPherson Facilities Coordinator
Betsy Salas Executive Assistant
Christian Jones Lead Youth Producer
Cory Brice Manager of Training and Facilitation
Craig Sinclair Digital Media Manager
Dan Coughlin President & CEO
DaShawn Pretlow Education Coordinator
DaShawn Pretlow Education Coordinator
Deborah Hill Non-Linear Lab Instructor
Destiny DeJesus Youth Production Coordinator
Dulce Mateo Scheduling Coordinator
Eny Hanson Field Coordinator
German Gonzalez Assistant Engineer
Greg Sutton Managing Director for Access Services
Hector Pena Manager of Broadcast Operations
Iris Morales Director, MNN El Barrio Firehouse
Jaime Caban Firehouse Receptionist (Day)
Jay Silverman Acquisitions Coordinator
Jeannette Santiago Programming Director
Jessica Cole Youth Education Associate
Jordan West Master Control Operator
Karina Hurtado Manager of Youth Programs & Outreach
Keith Bethea Master Control Operator
Lana Milis Business Manager
Linda Romano Director of Marketing & Communication
Malik Parker Production Coordinator
Martha Acea Master Control Operator
Melanie Morgan Production Coordinator
Micah Stathis Production & Studio Manager, Firehouse
Mindy Atiles Receptionist (Evening), Firehouse
Mindy Huertas Manager of HR and Administration
Monica Tanksley Tape Librarian
Nejheri Sherwood Administrative Assistant
Rahum Brown Promotions Coordinator
Richard Recchia Production Coordinator
Richard Speziale Studio Coordinator
Richard Swanson Production Coordinator
Roberto Espinell Production Coordinator
Ruth Herrera Tape Librarian
Ryan Carmichael Production Facilitator
Saemus Rodriguez Director of IT
Tiffany Blount Manager of Media Education
Tiffany Hill Rock Production Facilitator
Toni Lewis Director of Finance & Administration
William Ramirez Engineer
Zenaida Mendez Director of External Affairs