Manhattan's Public Access Television Station


Mission Statement
Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) is responsible for administering the Public Access cable television services in Manhattan. Our purpose is to ensure the ability of Manhattan residents to exercise their First Amendment rights through moving image media to create opportunities for communication, education, artistic expression and other noncommercial uses of video facilities on an open, uncensored and equitable basis.

In providing services, we seek to involve the diverse racial, ethnic and geographic communities of Manhattan in the electronic communication of their varied interests, needs, concerns and identities.

MNN is supported by Time Warner Cable, RCN Cable, and Verizon FiOs. MNN is made possible by the work and support of thousands of individuals and groups in New York City.

Below are policies that MNN maintains for programming, facility reciprocity, and community standards. Please click on a policy to expand and read it.

The most recent updates and/or revisions to these policies were in July 2014.

Community Standards

MNN’s Code of Conduct and Community Standards

MNN’s Code of Conduct and Community Standards are designed to help ensure that all persons at MNN—staff, producers, and visitors alike—are treated with courtesy and respect, whether they are at our 59th St. Studios, the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center, or engaging in conversation on our website, social media pages, or other digital platforms.

Everyone on MNN property—physically or digitally—has an obligation to behave in a manner that does not disrupt the operations of MNN or the ability of others to use the facilities. Furthermore, everyone who uses MNN’s digital platforms has an obligation to interact with other users in a manner that is responsible, mature, and not abusive to MNN staff, MNN community producers, or general community members.

Please note: Our Code of Conduct and Community Standards apply to those who are in our 59th St. Studios or the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center; to those who are using MNN’s Field Camera packages at off-site locations; and to those who are engaging in conversation on our website, social media pages, or other digital platforms.

MNN’s Community Standards

In recognition that much of MNN’s content is dispersed through digital platforms, including but not limited to such applications as YouTube,, Vimeo, Blip, and other social media sites, MNN’s Community Standards serve as a guideline for appropriate digital interactions.

We welcome discussion and interaction on our digital platforms and our Community Standards exist to ensure that the interaction remains respectful towards all MNN staff, producers, and community members.

We ask all who want to join a discussion on an MNN digital platform to keep the following in mind:

• We welcome discussion but personal attacks on producers, MNN staff, or community members will not be accepted and will be removed.
• We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or other hate-speech as well as interactions that can be interpreted as such.
• We will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy
• We do not sanction content that is commercially driven or that promotes products. Please note that any violations to this standard may result in the suspension of MNN privileges.
• Any other inappropriate behavior as determined by MNN at its sole discretion.

Our digital community will thrive if everyone makes a commitment to be mindful of the content they contribute to it and the words they use to agree or disagree with other community members.

Failure to adhere to these Community Standards may result in the suspension of MNN privileges.

MNN’s Code of Conduct

MNN staff is responsible for the safe and proper utilization of the facilities and equipment. Accordingly, directions and instructions from staff are to be followed at all times. Failure to do so may result in immediate expulsion and/or future restriction on access to any MNN facilities.

The following are examples of conduct that is prohibited on MNN property
• Smoking.
• Entering the facilities without a shirt or shoes.
• Bringing pets or other non-service animals to the facility.
• Video, photo or audio recording of any employee, user or guest without their informed consent; any unauthorized video or audio recordings.
• Bringing persons under the age of 18 years to the facility, unless supervised.
• Possessing food or beverages in any restricted areas.
• Loitering.
• Making false or misleading statements on MNN documents or to MNN staff.
• Possessing, using, or dispensing any illegal substance.
• Unauthorized possession, consumption, or dispensing of alcohol.
• Possession of any weapon, explosive, or other dangerous material.
• Conduct, intentional or unintentional, that could or does result in physical injury to others and/or destruction of property.
• Theft or attempted theft of personal belonging, supplies or equipment.
• Entering or attempting to enter locked office, areas, or records, and/or unauthorized use of any office, computers, or other equipment.
• Physical violence, or the threat of physical violence.
• Rude, discourteous or raucous behavior such as screaming or cursing that is directed at MNN community or staff members.
• Activities or conduct, which disrupt the activities or operations of MNN or the ability of others to conduct business.
• Derogatory language about an individual or group, whether MNN community or staff members (as determined by MNN’s sole discretion).
• Harassment, including sexual harassment, of any employee, user, or guest.
• Nudity (as determined by MNN’s sole discretion).
• Activities that may result in unsafe or unsanitary conditions.
• Any other inappropriate behavior as determined by MNN at its sole discretion.

Personal attacks on community members, MNN staff members and/or the organization or any behavior that creates an uncomfortable working atmosphere will result in suspension.

Programming Policies

Responsibility for Program Content

Submission of programs for the public access channels is, free of charge, and free of content control by MNN subject to the policies herein. Responsibility for the content of programs rests with the individuals and organizations submitting the programs. MNN requires producers and other individuals submitting programs to submit a signed and completed program agreement prior to the cablecast of any program. That program agreement provides among other things for the program provider's indemnification of MNN for any violations of MNN policies or the law and requires a certification that such programming in fact does comply. All program agreements must include the name and address of the channel user. If the individual submitting a program is not the program's producer, the individual must also submit the name and address of the program's producer.

Program Schedule

The program schedule is determined at the sole discretion of the MNN Programming Department.
We are committed to airing your program and will do our best to accommodate your schedule request. Please note that we cannot guarantee any time slot requests.

Photo Identification and Address Verification

Series program providers are required to provide photo identification and evidence of their residence address. Satisfactory verification consists of valid photo identification and current proof of residency from the following groups:

Acceptable Forms of Photo ID

a. State-issued Driver’s License
b. State-issued Photo ID card
c. U.S. or Foreign passport
d. Military ID w/photo
e. Green card/Residency card w/photo
f. City/State-issued Welfare, Medicaid, or Benefit Assistance card w/photo

Acceptable documents for proof of residence (must be recent with applicant’s name, as reflected on the Photo ID). Select a group below and provide the items required for the group:

Group I: One form of proof.

a. Cable bill
b. Gas bill
c. Electric bill
d. Telephone bill (Land line)

Group II: Two forms of proof in addition to a Proof of Residence form

a. Monthly Bank Statement
b. Cell phone monthly billing statement
c. Credit card monthly billing statement
d. Health insurance monthly billing statement
e. Student loan monthly billing statement
f. Employment/unemployment pay stub
g. Medicare/Social Security Monthly Statement
h. Rent billing statement
i. Current tax return
j. Retirement plan statement

Program providers are responsible for submitting changes in address in writing to Manhattan Neighborhood Network, along with satisfactory evidence.

MNN reserves the right to cancel a show if up-to-date contact information is not on file at MNN.

Organizations Submitting Programs

Individuals submitting programs on behalf of organizations must submit a letter from the chief operating officer of the organization on company letterhead. The letter must indicate who within the organization will take responsibility for submitting programs. Any changes in this designation must be submitted in writing by the organization's chief operating officer.

Minors Submitting Programs

Minors submitting programs will be required to have a parent or guardian sign a program agreement and request form. Programs intended to air on the Youth Channel will be required to abide by the Youth Channel Programming Policies. The Youth Channel reserves the right to reject any program that is inconsistent with the Youth Channel’s mission statement.

Program Content Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to all public access programming and apply to all MNN Community Producers as well as any guest(s) that Community Producers may feature or host on their programs. Programs may not contain:

Solicitation, advertising, bartering or promotion of commercial products, services or transactions;

  • Material that is, slanderous, libelous, an invasion of privacy, incites violence towards an individual or group or made unlawful;

  • Material concerning lottery information, gift enterprise, or similar scheme;

  • Unlawful use of material requiring union residual, or other payment including but not limited to talent and crew;

  • Unlawful use of material that is copyrighted or subject to ownership or royalty rights, right of publicity, or other payment;

  • Material that MNN reasonably believes contains obscene content, including but not limited to sexual intercourse, sodomy, masturbation, sadism, masochism, excretion, or lewd exhibition of genitals.
Commercial Programming

Commercial programming is strictly prohibited on the public access channels. Programs may not contain commercial telephone numbers or websites anywhere within the program except as noted under "Program Credits for Contribution of Goods and Services," nor may programs contain information about purchasing a product or service. In order to prevent the promotion of commercial products produced by record and film companies, programs containing more than 50% of such material are prohibited.

Representation of Authorizations

Channel Users must represent that they have obtained all necessary permission for material and individuals appearing in their programs. Channel Users are required to provide satisfactory evidence of such permission upon request by MNN.

Adult, Violent, Medically Graphic Programming

MNN wants to provide a means of notifying parents or guardians when programming appears on the access channels that may be inappropriate for children. MNN also wants to assist people in making informed viewing decisions while providing an opportunity for all forms of expression without censorship and in accord with existing laws.

Programs containing mature themes, mild profanity, or lifelike imagery of nudity for the purposes of artistic, literary, political, or scientific discourse will be scheduled after 9:00pm. Programs containing depictions or simulations of sexual intercourse will be scheduled after 11:00pm.

Programs containing and/or entitled with excessive vulgar language, nudity, extreme physical violence, extreme degradation, graphic depiction of invasive medical procedures or indecent material must include a message advising viewer discretion and will be scheduled between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
Channel Users shall be responsible for including a viewer discretion at the beginning of each episode if their program contains material requiring an advisory message.

It is a violation of MNN policy to submit for cablecast programming that is obscene or otherwise made unlawful.

Charging for Time on the Access Channels

Time on the public access channels is available free of charge. Channel Users may not require compensation from individuals in exchange for appearing on a public access channel. Furthermore, channel time may not be bartered or sold.

Program Credits for Contribution of Goods and Services

Programs may contain credit for individuals, businesses or other organizations that have contributed goods, services or funding used in the program production. Individual credits for such contributions are limited to fifteen seconds. Total credits for all contributions are limited to sixty seconds. Credits may include an acknowledgment of the contribution made. Credits may not contain any advertising information.

The following guidelines apply to all credits for contributors:

  • Credit must appear at either the beginning or end of the program;
  • Credit may include a logo, name, address, and phone number;
  • Credit may include a phrase describing the business of the contributor and the nature of the contribution;

  • Credit may not contain any qualitative or promotional information
  • Phone Numbers, Website Addresses and Other Contact Information may not be included

Only non-commercial phone numbers and website addresses can be displayed throughout the duration of programming. Commercial phone numbers or websites can only be displayed as a credit for contribution of goods and services.

Solicitation of funds during access programs is limited to non-profit organizations providing an IRS letter of determination indicating 501 (c) (3) status. Only Manhattan–based non-profit organizations may fundraise. The IRS letter of determination must be on file with MNN prior to any solicitation of funds. The 501 (c) 3 determination does NOT apply to political fund-raising, religious organizations (such as churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places or worship), and to certain types of foundations. The 501 (c) 3 is a federal designation, not a state or city designation.

Program Scheduling

MNN will, to the best of its ability, provide channel time as requested on a first-come, first- served basis, subject to the policies and guidelines herein. MNN will schedule programs within the parameters of overall program composition and flow including themed channels and programming blocks, taking into consideration audience building and the representative diversity of programming on the access channels.

MNN will also exercise scheduling discretion to ensure access for new channel users, single programs, series of limited duration, and special events. MNN will be guided in its scheduling decisions to ensure residents and organizations within Manhattan will have the highest priority in using the public access channels set aside for their benefit.

Limits of Liability

MNN is not liable for any mistakes, omissions or interruptions in the cablecast and any other means of distribution of programs. MNN is also not liable if the program or material submitted is damaged, lost or stolen while in its custody except in the case of gross negligence on the part on MNN resulting in damage or loss of the submitted format. In cases of gross negligence on the part of MNN, liability is limited to the cost of replacing a blank tape or DVD. MNN strongly suggests not submitting master tapes.

Program Scheduling Priorities

Manhattan Neighborhood Network prioritizes scheduling in the following order:

Single Program
A single program or "special" is defined as a program that is scheduled for a single time slot rather than on a recurring basis. Channel users may request time for single programs at any time. All single program requests must be accompanied by a completed episode.

Generally, single programs will be scheduled within three weeks after submission. MNN will schedule single programs as requests are received. MNN will schedule a 28 minute special for three timeslots. Programs that are 58 minutes long will be scheduled for two timeslots. A single program request will be guaranteed to have one prime time airdate and will be scheduled subject to available channel time.

Programs longer than 58 minutes will be guaranteed one timeslot. One additional play may be scheduled subject to available channel time and at the discretion of MNN.

Program providers are limited to scheduling one single program per month. Single programs will not be scheduled while the same program is scheduled as a series.

Series Programs
A program series is defined as a number of episodes, under one single title and scheduled at regular times (i.e., weekly, biweekly, or monthly). MNN divides the scheduling year into thirteen-week quarters. An "original episode" is defined as a program that, in whole or in substantial part, has not previously appeared on MNN, at any time, regardless of the channel:
• weekly series require eight original episodes per quarter;
• bi-weekly series require five original episodes per quarter;
• monthly series require two original episodes per quarter;
• Daily series requires fifty-five original episodes per quarter

Channel Users are required to submit an episode for each week their program is scheduled. Otherwise, Channel Users will forfeit their series time slot for failing to provide the requisite number of original episodes within a quarter. In addition, Channel Users are required to identify which of their episodes are "original" upon submission. False identification of an episode as "original" will result in cancellation of the series time slot.  Channel Users are allowed one active series per quarter.

Daily Programming

A daily program slot entails greater use of MNN resources on many levels, thus the decision making process is of a higher standard of scrutiny than for other timeslots, and are limited to hours outside primetime (6:00pm-Midnight). The guidelines will be applied uniformly and on a nondiscriminatory basis. Program must follow present guidelines of the Programming and Training & Facilitation Departments.

Program must be time appropriate for early morning schedule. Episodes must contain at least 60% original material, excluding footage already aired on MNN. (No more than 7 repeats allowed per quarter.) Program can be either 28 or 58 minutes. Failure to comply in policies can result in loss of timeslot



Airing a promo is an opportunity for you to inform viewers about your show and generate greater interest in your programs. Promos will be scheduled to air in the 2-minute interval between programs, and they will be scheduled at random. Please note, promos may not contain obscene content. Also, you cannot request that your Promo be placed at any particular time or on any channel, unless You are announcing a move in your program’s schedule (in which case the promo will be placed in the slot immediately before your formerly scheduled time.)

Guidelines for Producer’s Promos

In order for MNN to air a Producer’s Promo, it must meet the following guidelines:

  • The promo must promote the producer’s show only:
  • Promo can only mention public access channels-it cannot tell viewers to watch a producer’s show on leased access or any other non-public access medium;
  • Promos should be 30 or 60 seconds (please note 60 second promos receive less rotation);
  • Promo should include the program title, airtime and channel on all cable carriers, Time Warner Cable, RCN, Verizon FiOS;
  • Promos must be recorded on Mini-DV SP mode or DVD master;
  • Promos recorded on Mini-DV must have audio levels -20 db and -12 d;
  • A Channel User can submit 1 promo per quarter (Channel Users who have been re-scheduled to a different time slot will be able to submit an additional promo);
  • Promos may not contain any website or other contact information other than;
  • Promos must follow all MNN Program Policies.

New Series

MNN will schedule all eligible series submitted by Manhattan residents and organizations on a quarterly basis. All series requests must be accompanied with one completed episode only which will be scheduled as the first episode of the series. (Channel Users seeking a series timeslot will be required to submit proof of residency, as outlined in the Address Verification section. Series applications will not be considered completed until this information is provided.) All requests received and verified by the designated submission deadline will be scheduled for the proceeding quarter. MNN will mail out confirmation to Channel Users 3 weeks prior to the start of the quarter. Program providers should check with MNN 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the quarter if they have not been contacted.


Non-Manhattan Channel Users who have had another series scheduled within the last year will be scheduled at the discretion of Manhattan Neighborhood Network and subject to available channel time. Channel Users are limited to scheduling one series at a time. Two or more series regularly featuring the same host, guest or footage will be treated as the same series regardless of the Channel User and one of the active series will be cancelled.

Continuing Series

Continuing series are subject to scheduling changes, reduction in series frequency or length, or cancellation depending upon the number of requests received from new series providers. If a scheduling change is necessary to accommodate a new series request, MNN will be guided by the program priorities listed above. Continuing series from Manhattan providers will not be replaced with series from non-Manhattan providers. Continuing series program providers may request a change in their existing time slot.   

Program changes will be scheduled in accordance with the above program priorities and after all new series request have been scheduled.


Resubmission of Programs from Repeat Program Violators

Producers resubmitting programs after the conclusion of their suspension or cancellation period will be scheduled at the discretion of the Programming Department. No requests for specific timeslots will be considered until a producer who has formerly been suspended or canceled submits two quarters of programming that does not violate MNN policies.  

Preemption of Programming

A program(s) may be preempted if MNN receives requests from Channel Users seeking airtime for timely programming that may be deemed beneficial to MNN viewers. MNN will contact the Channel User to advise of the program preemption and do its best to provide an alternate timeslot based on availability.

Transferring Time Slots and Program Substitution

Time slots may not be transferred to another Channel User.

Technical Standards

MNN accepts the following formats: Mini-DV, DVCam, DVC-Pro and DVD mastered. MNN accepts only one program per format. Tapes must be recorded in SP mode and begin with 60 seconds of uninterrupted video, prior to the start of the actual program (pre-roll). The video can be any combination of color bars, countdown or black. Tapes should also have 60 seconds of black following the end of the program (end roll). DVDs do not require pre-roll, however DVDs must be authored, playable in standard DVD players and must not contain chapters.

MNN has minimal technical standards, which allow us to properly cablecast your show. Programs submitted with extremely low audio/video do not meet these standards. Tapes/DVDs that are damaged and hazardous to MNN playback equipment will not air. Any program that does not meet MNN’s technical requirements will result in the producer receiving a warning letter. Any continual problem(s) will result in immediate program cancellation.

Programs must be delivered during designated tape drop off hours and must be submitted a minimum of four days in advance of scheduled cablecast.

Failure to Comply with Stated Policies and Applicable Law

MNN is committed to providing video production facilities and workshop training at no cost for production of non-commercial Public Access programs. All users are welcomed to use the facilities in the manner described in existing policies. The Executive Director may impose, at his/her discretion, sanctions and penalties for failure to comply with MNN policies.

Facility users are responsible for their actions within the facility and the care of the equipment they use.

Producers, facility users and their guests are to abide by MNN’s Code of Conduct and Production Policies.

MNN may require reimbursement for replacement or repair of property and equipment damaged by facility users. At the discretion of the Executive Director, persons who fail to pay for such reimbursements or whose behavior is not in accordance with MNN’s Code of Conduct and Production Policies may be suspended or banned from use of the facilities.

MNN channels, equipment, and facilities may be used for production of non-commercial Public Access programs only. Commercial programming is strictly prohibited, and the facilities may only be used for Public Access programs intended to air on MNN channels. MNN may impose fees from persons found to be using MNN facilities, and/or equipment for non-Public Access purposes. At the discretion of the Executive Director, such persons may be suspended, banned, and/or charged a fee for such violations. They may also lose their channel time.

MNN will make every reasonable effort to inform individuals about programming polices and prohibitions when a violation has occurred and to cure those violations. MNN reserves the right to take any action with regard to program scheduling and transmission to comply with applicable law and to ensure compliance with these policies, including but not limited to immediately suspending access rights.

Submitting false information in connection with scheduling a program will result in program cancellation and restrictions in scheduling future programs.

Failure to provide programs as scheduled will lead to program cancellation and restrictions in scheduling future programs.

Accumulation of multiple programming suspensions may result in a permanent ban from the use of MNN’s facility and/ or prohibition from scheduling future programs.


Individuals who feel they have been denied fair access to channel time as described in these policies may submit an appeal to the Executive Director within 30 days of the Programming Department decision. Appeals should be in writing. The Executive Director will attempt to respond to the appeal within 60 days. Any cablecasting restrictions will remain in effect pending the outcome of an appeal.


Facility Certification at MNN

MNN operates two full-service production facilities: our 59th Street Studios and the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center in East Harlem. We encourage producers to use both locations to produce their content, and ask every certified community producer to follow our reciprocity guidelines.

If you are certified at MNN’s 59th Street Studios and would like to use The Firehouse
  • You must have completed all orientation, certification, and service requirements at 59th Street
  • You must have completed at least one full project at 59th Street
  • You must schedule a Firehouse orientation. Orientation is your opportunity to tour the facility, speak to the Firehouse staff and learn about the Firehouse’s service requirement.
  • You can schedule your orientation by emailing or calling 212-757-2670, x 200.
  • You must complete the Firehouse service requirement
  • During your Orientation, the Firehouse staff will explain their service requirement and facilitate your completion of it
  • Work at MNN facilities is scheduled on a quarterly basis and you must request time at the Firehouse before the beginning of each quarter you would like to use their studios and equipment.
  • Once you open a project at The Firehouse, you must complete it before you can use another MNN facility. 

We encourage you to contact the Firehouse as soon as possible if you know you would like to work on projects at the Firehouse.

If you are certified at The Firehouse and would like to use MNN’s 59th Street Studios
We encourage you to contact the 59th Street Studios as soon as possible if you know you would like to work on projects there. In order to obtain reciprocity:
  • You must have completed all orientation, certification, and service requirements at The Firehouse
  • You must have completed at least one full project at The Firehouse
  • You must schedule a 59th Street Facility orientation.
  • Orientation is your opportunity to tour the facility, speak to the 59th Street staff and learn about 59th Street’s service requirement.
  • You can schedule your orientation by emailing or calling 212-757-2670, x 301.
  • You must complete the 59th Street service requirement
  • During your Orientation, the 59th Street staff will explain their service requirement and facilitate your completion of it
  • Work at MNN facilities is scheduled on a quarterly basis and you must request time at 59th Street before the beginning of each quarter you would like to use their studios and equipment.
  • Once you open a project at 59th Street, you must complete it before you can use another MNN facility. 

If you are not certified at either facility

• Please visit the producers section of our site for information on the education and certification process and MNN.

Please note that if you become certified at one location, you must complete a project there before requesting reciprocity at another MNN location.