Winter break is so close, we can almost taste it! Best of luck to all those taking final exams next week. As your reward, watch the Youth Channel next week for programming to keep you up to date on the latest issues and inspire you to keep pushing forward. Watch “YC Power Hour,” “State of Mind,” and “Reproductive Rights in the Trump Era,” for a youth...
Inside New York will rebroadcast its 1999 interview with Douglas Turner Ward, actor, director and playwright and co-founder of The Negro Ensemble Company, as part one of their mini-series in celebration of his 50 years in theatre.
This Sunday on The Fortune Society’s “Both Sides of the Bars,” host Khalil Cumberbatch talks with his guests about the injustices incarcerated women face. Tune in at 9pm!
A Town Hall meeting featuring first-hand eyewitness accounts of the devastation and reports in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico will air Monday, December 11, 2017 at 7pm. Read on for more details!
In this week's YC Spotlight, we're highlighting one young person who's following her passion and paving her own way for a successful career in film.
Global consequences are on the precipice as Trump declares Jerusalem the capital of Israel.