This Sunday on "Represent NYC," host Lincoln Mitchell and guests discuss the dangers of Trump’s authoritarian behavior, the judicial branch’s pivotal role in reviewing his executive orders and what the future looks like for the American people.
It’s a short work week ahead for many—make the most of it with MNN programming from “The Woman’s Connection,” The Facts,”“Gotta Run with Will,” “GingerNewYork,” plus, watch YC programming every weeknight.
Over objections from environmentalists, the U.S. Senate today confirmed Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Our Clip of the Week looks at the role of food recovery in living sustainably in NYC.
It’s another long weekend ahead for New York City’s youth, but next week the Youth Channel is back in full swing with programming that’s bound to teach you something new and help you open your mind to different ideas. Check out what's coming up.
This Sunday on MNN, watch programming that features New Yorkers who are joining the fight to make America a safe haven for everyone.
In this week’s Youth Channel Spotlight, we take a break from the barrage of perplexing political news including spy ships and government leaks to focus on a warmer and happier occasion from this week’s news cycle—the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Love it or leave it, February 14th provides an opportunity to hit pause in our everyday routine and acknowledge our loved ones...