Long awaited by some, long dreaded by others, today marks a new era in American politics, with the inauguration of the 45th United States president. Watch “Represent NYC” for a discussion on what the new president may mean for New Yorkers.
This weekend as people march through our city in support of women’s rights, let us remember the power we all have to make a difference. Next week on the Youth Channel, hear from young people who are pursuing their passions and speaking their minds.
With education on our minds after this week’s Betsy DeVos hearings, we bring you a student perspective on teachers in the United States as our Youth Channel Spotlight.
With the inauguration upon us and the Women’s March following closely behind, America is in for a historic weekend. As you ponder what the next four years will look like, tune in to MNN this Sunday to see programming about individuals who are doing their part to create positive change in the face of the unknown.
This week on MNN we explore new ways of looking at the world around us with shows like “The Facts,” “Gotta Run with Will,” “Democracy Now!” and “GingerNewYork,” plus programming from the Youth Channel.
We all know Dr. King for his fearless leadership in the fight for civil rights, but our Youth Media Center interns uncovered some little known facts about his life that we'd like to share with you.